Three Day Beer Combo

First day started on Thursday the 6th with a Stone beer tasting at Table and Vine in West Springfield Ma. The rep from Stone had talked about their brewery along with some finer aspects of their brews. My neighbor Rob accompanied me there and we enjoyed a tasting of six of their brews which were Stone Pale Ale, Evil Twin / Stillwater / Stone collaboration Perfect Crime, Stone IPA, Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, Stone Double Bastard, and last Stone Old Guardian all of which were greatly enjoyed by us and some 30 others in the crowd.

Second day would be an enjoyment at Smith’s Billiards Xmas – customer appreciation night on Friday the 7th and this place had a good turn out. A buffet was setup and if you brought a canned good in for their drive you got a free beer! The food was excellent and so was the 3 guys seating with us at our table, two of them were named Charles and we had a great talk with them and found a new place to try in Hamden with 30 tap called McLadden’s Pub! I got to try the long anticipated Troegs Mad Elf which was excellent and I hope it’s still pouring on our next visit along with a Southern Tier Choklat and the wife and I sheared Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (2010). We had a great time and look forward to their next event.

Third day Saturday would be a double header with a visit to see Sergio at Westfield River Brewing and fill two growlers with some new stuff. He had just got done trying a couple of new brews a Chocolate Stout and Banana Bread and both were great. That night we would visit Opa Opa Steakhouse for diner and see what was brewing. Our meals were great along with the Winter Warmer and Buckwheat IPA put a topper on the day.


Mad Elf pours reddish copper with short head from tap and sliding lacing. Nose is big a deep with rich malt aroma with a hint of alcohol. Taste is almost like nose with big robust malt flavors and a Belgian note to it. Smith’s Billiards 12/7/12.

Southern Tier

Choklat pours deep black with good head and following lacing. Nose of dark chocolate with maybe an alcohol note? Taste is big and chocolaty with heavy malt flavors. 11.0% Smith’s Billiards 12/7/12.

Sierra Nevada

Big Foot 2010 pours dark amber with two finger head and lots of sticky lacing all over. Nose of rich sweet malts and caramel with fruit cherry I think aroma. Taste citrusy and bready caramel notes in there along with big mouth bite from hops and alcohol. Very friggin good from 12 oz bottle aged 2 plus years at Smith’s Billiards 12/7/12.

Westfield River

Chocolate Stout pours black with big foamy head and some sticky and sliding lacing on glass. Nose of roasted malt with an earthy note in there and maybe coffee. Taste is fairly smooth with deep roast flavors but I would say more like a porter. Very good from growler on 12/8/12.

Banana Bread pours hazy golden color with good head and good sticky lacing. Nose of is citrus mainly along with big wheat presence and some unknown perfume scents to it. Taste is all banana bread in aspects with a cloy sour note and a wet oily feel on tongue. Very good from growler from brewery 12/8/12.

Opa Opa

Winter Warmer pours a red/copper color with good head and some sticky lacing. Nose is on the malty side with some spice notes. Taste is the same as nose with not a big spice bite just very smooth going down. Very good 12/8/12

Buckwheat IPA. Pours light amber color with nice head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of light malts and some citrus/pine notes in there. Taste of wheat malt that’s present at first, then hops kick in, with an even after bite. Nice hoppy bitter bite when cold. Then gets smoother when it warms. Very enjoyable! Better than most average IPA’s, dam good. Tap at brewery 12/8/12.

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