Wednesday night after explosion

We had to check out the gas explosion from last week 2 blocks away from Smith’s Billiards so that would be our destination on our Wednesday night out. The road was block off with the police there and we could not get close. When we got upstairs with Thai he had said it happened just as he was getting to work Friday around 5:30pm and it was loud and shuck the windows and cracked one of them. 42 building were damaged along with 18 injuries more can be read here. Now on to the beer, they did have a few new brews tap sense our last visit and the two I enjoyed were Smuttynose Zinneke which was most excellent and I was going to have Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot at 11.1% and $3.00 per bottle but they had run out! After tasting a couple of samples I decided on Maine Beer Co MO it was a lighter brew then the first but it was great also.


Zinneke pours dark Burgundy with good head and some sticky and sliding lacing. Nose of sweet dark malt and molasses. Taste is mouth biting of alcohol and big flavors of rich malts with a pungent or sour after taste. Badass, on tap and served in pint glass 8.4% at Smith’s Billiards 11/28/12.

Maine Beer Co

MO pours a hazy yellow with good head and good lacing. Nose of citrus with a little piney note in there. Taste is resiny and pungent with a slight mouth sting bite. 6% served in pint glass at Smith’s Billiards 11/28/12.

You can see the blue lights on the next block that’s were the explosion was just that far away from their front door!

IMAG2396Smuttynose zinnekemaine mo

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