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Santo Claus Pub Crawl Next Saturday, December 8

in the Rice Village

This year, our main Rice Village Christmas Ale Pub Crawl is morphing into a Santo Claus Crawl with Santo, and of course, Christmas Ale!

There will be a total of five stops, and we will be using the "Open House" method for the first four. We will be signing tickets at all four of the first four stops for three hours so people can split up between the establishments. You will get your ticket at whichever stop you decide to visit first. But, VERY IMPORTANT, we will only be handing out the tickets between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM. Thus, you still need to start between 2:30 and 3:30. Then, at 5:30 PM, everybody will gather at one final stop, and that is where we will award the glasses. The prize for making all four stops will be our Santo pint glass. We will have a large supply, so don’t worry about not getting a glass. And as always, designated drivers are both eligible for the award and encouraged to attend! So here is the layout:

The first four locations (at which we will be

simultaneously between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM):

  • We’ll find three places in the southern Morningside area but north of University. Two are on the east side of the street and one on the west side. Hint: Ginger baker wood.
  • We’ll find one place around Rice Blvd and Kirby. You’ll have to wing this one.

At 5:30 PM, we’ll look for one final place in the Morningside area, perhaps a little north of the others, but still staying south of Rice Blvd and on the east side of Morningside.

Now, for our annual tips for maximum enjoyment:

  1. PRECOATING: Try to eat something before commencing the crawl.
  2. PACING: Too many Christmas Ales at the first stop is a critical strategic mistake. This is known as "Sprinting Too Early" which is not advisable in this, a distance event. Can have negative repercussions later.
  3. MANNERS: Be patient with bar staff. Remember, 700 or so people will be descending upon a poor crew. They will be working as fast as they can. Also, it is considered very good manners to tip well everywhere you go. This creates good "beerma".
  4. CASH: Bring cash! This pleases the bar staff and the people standing behind you. Cash is fast. Credit cards are slow. They cannot run tabs for 700 people.
  5. BUDDY SYSTEM: Make sure that you are always in contact with a couple of people you know. One of you is bound to notice that the pack is starting to move on to the next stop. This prevents the disoriented feeling of looking around an empty bar and realizing that the only three people still in there are guzzling some inferior malted beverage and may be related to the missing link.
  6. MAKE NEW FRIENDS: As everyone on this crawl will be intelligent and good looking, this is an excellent place to meet new people. Also, you will note that some people become better looking as the crawl wears on. If this occurs, be sure to consult your Buddy System partner.
  7. DESIGNATED DRIVER: Yes, we encourage this strongly. You never know when you might decide to run for president. And even the designated drivers on the crawl qualify for the prize. While pregnant wives are perfect for this role, it is known to be poor judgment for a husband to claim that this is the best part of her being pregnant. See "Mood Swings."
  8. ENJOY SAINT ARNOLD BEERS: It is in poor taste to be seen quaffing anything else. Ever. See "Curse of Saint Arnold."

If you would like to purchase a Santo Claus Crawl poster for $10, please register here. You can pick it up at the end of the crawl or at the brewery afterward.


Saint Arnold at
Reliant Stadium

You can find Lawnmower and Seasonal near Sections 108, 117, 126. Amber and Lawnmower can be found at the end zones on the third level. Amber can also be found near Sections 506 and 536 and at all four Barley and Hops on the Club level.

Saint Arnold
Hoodies Just in
Time for Winter!

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A Very Saint Arnold Wedding – Mistletoe Madness

at Market Square Park – Saturday, December 8

Not pub crawling? Then come on down to Market Square Park for a movie and a wedding. Yes, a real wedding! We selected one couple from the many who submitted their proposed vows to us. And the wedding will happen during the party!

The movie will be Love Actually. And you can have your own romantic moment with your special person under a giant ball of mistletoe.

Here’s what we have lined up:

  • A special showing of Love Actually (bring your own chairs!)
  • Texas’ largest ball of Mistletoe EVER!
  • A slice of a special Saint Arnold wedding cake
  • Tasty Saint Arnold and of course food sold by Niko Niko’s
  • Live music by Lords of Kool

Mistletoe, movies, music, cake, a wedding and Saint Arnold – we aren’t sure there’s anything else you could ask for.

Music, food and refreshments start at 5:00 PM, and the wedding will begin at 6:00 PM. The movie will start at 7:30 PM.

East End Toy Drive & Concert on Saturday, December 1

Celebrate the holiday season East End style! Join the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art for a community Christmas Party, Toy Drive and concert!

Featuring performances by CHANGOMAN and a special puppet show "Hypnagogia" by Red-Handed Productions.

Bring ONE new/unwrapped toy to be donated and enjoy an evening of music, tamales and holiday treats! The Latin Fantasy Lowrider Club will be at the party to collect the gifts and will distribute them on Christmas Day to local underprivileged families.

Kids can create their own tree ornaments at the art workshop while adults enjoy live music and Christmas cheer.

Tickets are $15 or the donation of one or more new/unwrapped toys.

Get more information here.

Meet the Brewers Night at Smashburger

in The Heights on Thursday, December 13

To celebrate the pairing of Smashburgers with Saint Arnold beers, come on out to Smashburger in The Heights, choose your own pairing and discuss it with one of our brewers. And don’t forget to bring your coupon!


174 Yale St.

Thursday, December 13

6:30 PM till ??

Other Fun Stuff Around Town

Christmas Ale Cask and Bishop’s Barrel 1

Mojo’s Sports Grille in Humble

Thursday, November 29 at 6:00 PM

Saint Arnold Beer Dinner

Whole Foods Sugar Land

Saturday, December 8 at 5:00 PM

Five course pairing including Divine Reserve 5

See menu and get tickets here.

Girls Pint Out in Austin on Saturday, December 8

Ladies, tell your lady friends in the ATX: Girls Pint Out is coming to them. The inaugural Austin event is slated for 11:00 AM on December 8 at The Draught House. Our beers will be paired five ways with Antonelli’s Cheese.

Pre-sale only tickets are a mere $25, and profits will benefit Austin-based breast cancer charity, The Smile Never Fades. Kendall Antonelli and a few from the Saint Arnold team will be on hand to walk tasters through the whys of each pairing.

Get more information and tickets here.

(In case it wasn’t obvious, this event is for ladies only.)

Thanks again for all your support! Stay tuned for an announcement on our new Icon beer series that will be debuting in Houston on December 10. And you won’t have to stand in line to get some.


The Brew Crew
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Saturdays between 11 AM and 2 PM


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Wednesday night after explosion

We had to check out the gas explosion from last week 2 blocks away from Smith’s Billiards so that would be our destination on our Wednesday night out. The road was block off with the police there and we could not get close. When we got upstairs with Thai he had said it happened just as he was getting to work Friday around 5:30pm and it was loud and shuck the windows and cracked one of them. 42 building were damaged along with 18 injuries more can be read here. Now on to the beer, they did have a few new brews tap sense our last visit and the two I enjoyed were Smuttynose Zinneke which was most excellent and I was going to have Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot at 11.1% and $3.00 per bottle but they had run out! After tasting a couple of samples I decided on Maine Beer Co MO it was a lighter brew then the first but it was great also.


Zinneke pours dark Burgundy with good head and some sticky and sliding lacing. Nose of sweet dark malt and molasses. Taste is mouth biting of alcohol and big flavors of rich malts with a pungent or sour after taste. Badass, on tap and served in pint glass 8.4% at Smith’s Billiards 11/28/12.

Maine Beer Co

MO pours a hazy yellow with good head and good lacing. Nose of citrus with a little piney note in there. Taste is resiny and pungent with a slight mouth sting bite. 6% served in pint glass at Smith’s Billiards 11/28/12.

You can see the blue lights on the next block that’s were the explosion was just that far away from their front door!

IMAG2396Smuttynose zinnekemaine mo