Thanksgiving Week Brew update

With Thanksgiving and visiting family in Pennsylvania and New York took most of my brew time. I did do my traveling with some brews in hand of growlers from Westfield River Brewing 413 IPA and there new Stout and enjoyed them with family and also tried something new with my brother in-laws on a short afternoon outing and that would be Straub amber. And with the best of my knowledge seeing I was eating a cheese burger instead of Turkey it was very good for a fairly close brewery.

Westfield River

413 IPA pours a cloudy golden color with good head and good sticky lacing. Nose of citrus along with some hints of malt. Taste is bitter hop mouth not like most, kind of like a British bitter with some malt back bone to it. Very friggin good from growler on 11/22/12.

Stout pours black with big foamy head and some sticky and sliding lacing on glass. Nose of roasted malt with an earthy note in there and maybe coffee. Taste is fairly smooth with deep roast flavors but I would say more like a porter. Very good from growler on 11/22/12.


American Amber pours a copper color with some red to it with short head and sliding lacing. Nose is mainly malt in aroma with some hints of grass or hay. Taste it semisweet of rich malt flavor with a Carmel hint in there. Served in 12oz glass on tap at Rumors 11/23/12.

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