Wednesday night out

I Told the Badassbeerwife that she could pick the place for our Wednesday night out, well she picked the Tavern Restaurant Westfield close by, but she thought it was to cold to walk. Four a Wednesday night the place must have had a special going on because there was a good crowd there. We got too see some folks we hadn’t seen in awhile, John the owner Chris the manager, Judy and Gen a new comer of the wait staff. Things where going great with all of them and they where looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. The wife didn’t see anything that got her going and settled for blue moon and for me I found nothing new but revisited a couple that jumped out at me. That would be a Dogfish head Chicory Stout and Green Flash West Coast IPA in that order one complemented the other.


Chicory Stout pours deep black with good head that dissipates fast and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with a chocolate or coffee note. Taste is semisweet of roasted malt and chicory with a wet mouth. Very good! 5.2% served in pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant. 11/14/12.

Green Flash

West Coast IPA pours hazy amber with good head and lacing. Nose is more pine with some grapefruit to it. Taste is mouth biting with what I call a plastic note, but a good over all bitter mouth that’s great. Very good 7.3% served in pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant 11/14/12.


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