Weekend brew update

The weekend missed some lackluster no big adventure but was worth the brews. Friday running some errands and picking up a repaired cue stick shaft for one of my team mates; I would stop in at Collin’s Tavern West Springfield and enjoy a Westfield River Brewing Wyben Black IPA. On Saturday we would return to Smith’s Billiards but this time for dinner from down stairs a Theodore and their ribs are slow cooked for seven hours and are some of the best I’ve had so far. Also they had tweeted that they where tapping a cask of Jacks Abby R.I.P.L. Effect, this put me in the mood I just had to talk the wife into it and she liked the idea. Adam and Alison where tending the bar and the place was about half packed with pool being played and the rest were enjoying food and or drink like us. The ribs were excellent and the cask was great but the Great Divide Fresh Hop Ale would make it all worth it. I would open a growler of Wandering Star Bert’s Disqualified Stout later at home and settle in for the rest of weekend.

Westfield River

Wyben Black IPA pours black with good head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose of dark rich malts and a citrus/grapefruit aroma. Taste is of deep roasted malts with a hop wallop to the tongue and sides of mouth. Very friggin good @Collins Tavern on 11/9/12.

Jacks Abby

R.I.P.L. Effect pours golden with two finger head that takes awhile to settle down and loads of thick sticky lacing. Nose is big and earthy with a pine/citrus note. Taste is mild hoppy with a nice pronouns on the rye very good on cask. 5.75% served in pint glass at Smith’s Billiards 11/10/12.

Great Divide

Fresh Hop Ale pours amber in color with short head and some faint lacing. Nose is big with floral aromas from the wet hop and also some citrus in there. Taste is quick mouth bitter biting with a pungent after bite. Pretty good at 6.1% served in 16oz pint glass on tap at Smith’s Billiards on 11/10/12.

Wandering Star

Bert’s Disqualified Stout pours black with huge head if you don’t watch what you’re doing! and some sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with chocolate espresso and a sweet smoke note. Taste is mouth stinging with robust flavors of roasted malts with smoke and on alcohol back bite. Very very good at 8.0 -9.0% in growler from Chris opened on 11/10/12.


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