Wednesday night out

Wednesday night out with a nor’easter what could make it a better night out! Well the weather and a low head count that’s what. With the weather being iffy but not that bad and a change of the taps and becoming our favorite spot we went to Smith’s Billiards. We had almost a one on one with Thai our bartender about allot of things but we won’t go into that now. What was pouring had my interest, and that was an Avery DuganA IPA for my first one and Goose Island Bourbon County for the second. This one I would split with the wife seeing it was big time high test plus she like it also. I would finish the night off with a Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest something not from the USA. I know it’s been a long time for me for foreign stuff but it was only $2 a bottle and it wet me palette for the ride home. Now normally that would be all she wrote per say but I waited one extra day for Stout Day on Thursday. And what better to celebrate with than Lefty’s Brewing Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Stout, since I had just seen them last weekend. I enjoyed one of two bottles I had in the cellar and it was just what Stout Day had ordered and the other I will save for another Time.


DuganA IPA pours golden/amber with good one finger plus head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose is almost all grapefruit but it also has a piney earthy note in there. Taste is hop mouth all the way with nice bitter bite all around that linger a bit with a malt note in there. 8.5% 14oz goblet on tap at Smith’s Billiards 11/7/12.

Goose Island

Bourbon County pours black with little head and floating lacing that follows down glass. Nose is mainly alcohol but it does have some chocolate and caramel notes along with deep dark rich malts. Taste is pretty much the same as nose with a warming alcohol mouth. 15.0% 10oz goblet on tap at Smith’s Billiards 11/7/12.

Hacker Pschorr

Oktoberfest pours a golden brown with two finger head that settles down quick and sliding lacing down glass. Nose is faint of malts and yeast. Taste its big time European with a yeast and malt flavor. 5.8% 12oz bottle at Smith’s Billiards 11/7/12.


Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Stout Ryan & Casey 100th Anniversary pours deep dark black with good head and sticky sliding lacing. Nose is sweet of maple and dark rich malts with a small alcohol note. Taste is semisweet of roasted malts and oak and whiskey with a maple flavor in there. Very friggin good and smooth. 11.5% 22oz bottle 11/8/12.


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