Weekend brew update

Friday and it was our first adventure to the Toasted Owl in Northampton where we enjoyed some nice food fare for our evening supper along with a nice Slumbrew Flag Raiser IPA. We would head home were I had retrieved a bottle from the cellar of CBC Audacity of Hops and both was similar in comparison hard to tell which one stands out as they were both hop mouth blasters and great. Saturday would be about 120 mile round trip Brew adventure Starting with a stop at the Harvest Festival at Hager’s Farm Market in Shelburne MA to visit Lefty’s Brewing and taste a couple samples and seeing how Bill and Melissa was doing. It’s been a long time since we seen them last. They were just about as happy to see us as we were to see them. They talked about how well their maple brews where doing along with other stuff going on. I am looking forward to when they open their new brewery location up to the public. Next we headed towards Pittsfield to pay a visit to Wandering Star to see another of our friendly Brewer’s Chris before they closed at 3pm, we were about 10 minutes late but he had a smile on his face and was happy to see us after a month and a half. They where celebrating National Learn to Homebrew Day from 10am – 3pm, and there was still a few local home brewers picking up from a demonstration they had done. After filling a few growlers we headed home to enjoy what we had in them and settle in for the rest of the weekend.


Flag Raiser IPA pours golden amber with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is not big but it does have a citrus aroma with some faint pine in there. Taste is huge with hop flavor swirling all around tongue and mouth it’s a double IPA that I thought was a single it has a super mouth hop bite. 7.5% served in Pint glass on tap at Toasted Owl 11/1/12.

CBC Brewing

Audacity of Hops “Belgian style double IPA” pours hazy golden with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing all the easy down the glass. Nose is big with citrus and lots of earthy/piney resinous notes. Taste is big time hoppy mouth bitter bite that gets bigger as it warms; it’s more mouth bite than malt even though there could be some there. But it has a long after bite bitterness that does not go away. 8.0% 70 IBU 22oz bottle on 11/2/12.


Bill and Melissa of Lefty’s BrewingIMAG2308IMAG2315IMAG2316

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