Halloween night out

My Wednesday night out turns out to be Halloween and other busy stuff, with taking the little badass out Trick or treating at the mall and to good friends Diane and Charlie in Agawam. That would kill late afternoon and early evening. After returning home and having some late supper I found out that the wife didn’t want to go out and suggest I take the daughter out for Wednesday night out. Well she would accompany me to Smith’s Billiards with the opportunity for her to see Thai for the first time in 30 years. Well Thai was not bartending upstairs because of it being Halloween they needed him downstairs at Theodores where the place was jumping. We did stop to say hi on our way out and he was busy with customers. We had a great time and it was nice to have some one on one time with my daughter. She is not a big beer fan like me her father but did enjoy some hard cider. I found that they had a couple of high test brews and decided on them which were Southern Tier Brewing Krampus an American double/imperial pilsner and Allagash Odyssey Belgian strong dark ale. Both brews were delicious and almost over the top and similar to barley wines for their alcohol content.

Southern Tier

Krampus pours golden with two finger head that settles down slow and loafs of sticky lacing. Nose is subtle with rich malt with earthy notes to it. Taste is big and rich and full of flavors mainly malt with a hop or alcohol presents. Served in 10 oz goblet at 9.0% on tap at Smith’s Billiards 10/31/12.


Odyssey pours a dark Burgundy with two finger head and sticky lancing. Nose of fruit maybe dark like dates or raisins and sweet notes in there. Taste is dark malt with a somewhat fruit flavor in there along with oak and alcohol bite. Served in 10 oz goblet at 10.4% on tap at Smith’s Billiards 10/31/12.


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