Preempted Weekend

Thursday night would be the time and Table and Vine in Westspringfield would be the place for Thirsty Thursday with cider beer mead cheese and spirits. We had a great time sampling as much as we could along with talking to folks there. These freebie things are always such fun and you get to meet other people that by the time you get home you have forgot their names! On Friday we would visit Northampton Brewery for lunch after attending a seminar on Medicare and other plans “that shows how old you are really getting”. With them still being in their 25th anniversary I enjoyed what they call Vast, which is a double or imperial IPA and if we ask you get to take the commemorative glass home with you. After that we would roam the streets of down town with only good beer thoughts on my mind. But with most of the great places not opening till 4pm, I found a Mexican restaurant Veracruzana with a sign for Stone 16th Anniversary IPA, but I was too late it had run out but I did get to enjoy a Great Divide Titan IPA there. On Sunday the grandson “littlebadass” and I would do what he called man’s day and went to Opa Opa Steakhouse and brewery for lunch at 11:00am "I think he was thinking school hours when that’s his lunch time". Well I bought some time when I told him we better wait till noon and I also thought who’s nine year old grandson would want to go to a brew pub; "mine that’s who". The place was fairly quiet and we found our seats at a booth and we ordered our meals along with my favorite there Doppelbock. It was a great time out just the two of us with fifty years between us but we both loved every minute of it.

Northampton Brewery

Vast "Double IPA" 25th anniversary pours golden with one finger head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of grapefruit and big earthy pasture aromas are abundant. Taste is great what can I say it’s smooth and bitter but gets gentler as it warms. Very good! 10/26/12.

Great Divide

Titan IPA pours golden amber with good head and sticky lacing. Nose of citrus with a floral/earhty aroma. Taste is a mouth puckering hop bitterness like an ESB with a malt back bone to it. On tap at Veracruzana Northampton 10/26/12.

Opa Opa

Doppelbock pours hazy brown with good head and lacing that slides down the glass. Nose of dark sweet malt with somewhat of a floral and fruit note to it. Taste is a combination of brown ale and Barleywine with a little mouth sting from alcohol I think? But it’s a heavy flavorful brew that’s mouth quenching wet. Tap at brewery 10/28/12.

Table And Vine Thirsty Thursday.


Northampton Brewery the glass I got to take home!IMAG2167IMAG2168IMAG2173

Great Divide IMAG2175

Man’s day at Opa Opa.IMAG2179IMAG2180

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