Wednesday night out 10/24/12

I’ve been interested in this Plan B Burger Bar since its grand opening just a few weeks ago in Springfield at the Basket Ball Hall of Fame. I had to run an errand close by their place this afternoon so I stopped in to check it out and have a beverage. Their tap list wasn’t bad with about 14 rotating Taps. I did decide on a Rogue Chocolate Stout and headed home to let the wife know that that’s where we were going to go tonight. Then I checked online to see what Smith’s Billiards had on tap, and then I went back and told the wife change of plans to Smith’s. With a cask of Wachusett wet hop Pale ale pouring along with a Firestone Walker Union Jack. Firestone Walker Brewing is fast becoming another of my favorite Breweries with their outrageous full of flavor brewing concoctions! And tonight was another one of those moments with their Union Jack. This brew was so flavorful that it’s hard to put down in words other than fantastically great! Chalk up another great outing on the Badassbeer guys special brew night out list.


Chocolate Stout. Pours Black with good chocolate brown head and lots of thick lacing. Nose is sweet of dark malt and chocolate. Taste is wet but dry with a nice pungent chocolate and nice mouth bite from hops I hope! One nice and flavorful stout. 6.0% on tap at Plan B 10/24/12.


Wet Hop Pale Ale pours golden yellow with fare head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of maybe honey and bread but real mild along with some citrus/pine notes. Taste is also mild but it’s from cask and that’s usual here, it does have some grapefruit to it along with a short hop mouth bite. Not bad but it’s not a power house. In pint glass from cask at Smith’s Billiards 10/24/12.


Union Jack pours golden amber with great head that maintains it’s self and loads of thick sticky lacing. Nose is big with grapefruit citrus aroma with some floral/earthy tones in there. Taste is big also with an over abundant of mouth grabbing hop flavors and just the right bite that keeps lingering for awhile. A badassbeer on a short list! On tap in tulip glass at Smith’s Billiards 12/24/12.

Pictures from Plan B Burger Bar and Rogue Chocolate Stout.


Smith’s Billiards, Wachusett Wet Hop Pale Ale & Firestone Walker Union Jack.


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