Wednesday night out 10/17/12

As of my writing last week of the taping of Avery the Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest for this week. I had checked their Web page but it was not on it as being tapped and pouring. So after a call into Smith’s Billiards and Thai asking Keith and he said it would be tapped; we made our way down to check it out! Well needless to say upon entering Thai knew what to pour for me. This brew was so tasty that it was hard to pick a brew to follow it. I asked for samples of Weihenstephaner Festbier and Schlenkerla Helles Lager but they were pale in comparison. After looking at their specials on the chalk board I decided to go with a 2-year old bottle of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. These two brews complemented each other quite nicely. And special thanks to Keith for the special tapping and to the rest of the staff were the customers are treated great.

Avery Brewing

The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest pours a see through red/amber with one to two finger head and some sticky lacing that follows down side of glass. Nose is malty and fruity like plums or raisins along with a sweet and bread like aroma. Taste is mouth quenching bitter sweet with a fruity/malty back bone and an alcohol tongue bite. 10.0% Badassbeer! Served in goblet glass on tap at Smith’s Billiards 10/17/12.

Sierra Nevada Brewing

Bigfoot 2010 pours dark amber with two finger head and lots of sticky lacing all over. Nose of rich sweet malts and caramel with fruit cherry I think aroma. Taste citrusy and bready caramel notes in there along with big mouth bite from hops and alcohol. 9.6% Very friggin good from 12 oz bottle aged 2 plus years at Smith’s Billiards 10/17/12.


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