Weekend update 10/14/12

The highlight of the weekend was a trip to Amherst Brewing for dinner on Saturday. the German sausage plate was excellent along with the brews we enjoyed. For starters was their Seeing Double IPA and finished off with Harpoon Brewing Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. They seem to be doing well in their new gigs now about a year old. On Sunday we opened a growler of Wandering Star Rude Man which is a high test brew and if you don’t watch yourself it will kick your ass. Sunday night would be regular session play of 9-ball at our home St. Josephs social club in Westfield MA. There the seasonal tap for Sam Adams is pouring Octoberfest.

Amherst Brewing

Seeing Double IPA pours amber with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of malt with a barnyard aroma. Taste is wet but dry and full of malt flavor with a bitter mouth. 7.0% at brewery 10/13/12.

Harpoon Brewing

Limited Edition Chocolate Oatmeal Stout pours black with good head and lacing. Nose is big and chocolaty with a malt/oat note. Taste is also big with chocolate and rich dark malt with an expresso flavor in it. 10/13/12. Served in Pint glass on tap at Amherst brewing.

Wandering Star Craft Brewing

Rude Man “English Barley Wine” pours red/amber with two finger head and lots of sticky lacing down the glass. Nose is sweet of fruit and barley malt along with a hop/alcohol aroma. Taste is also sweet in a way with mouth tingling alcohol and a strange tongue bite. Very great a badassbeer. From growler on 10/14/12.


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