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October, 2012
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Dear Badassbeer,

It’s less than a month from election day and the media frenzy is in full churn. Projections from left, right and center are calling the presidential and congressional races a dead heat; so no incumbent’s office is safe. Average Americans seem tired of all the political messages on social media sites while they continue to post their own bombastic thoughts and nationally-known pundits stage their own debates to try and either articulate their own points or advocate for their side in ways they don’t think there candidates can. In such a cacophony of voices, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

With such a close race, many outcomes will likely be decided by voter turnout. Both parties seek to energize their base to get less-motivated voters off of their apathy couches. Whether you’re firmly planted in the core of your chosen party or you’re not sure who is really going to do a better job over the next two, four or six years; the most important thing you can do is think about your options and actually go vote.

Voting is one of the fundamental rights in our democracy and hundreds of thousands of people have died for that right over the two and half centuries of American history. I’m not asking you to die, I’m simply asking you to vote. It’s the great equalizer of American culture because every American from Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to the woman that makes your café au lait at the coffee shop has the same pull.

If it’s any consolation, we’re happy to incentivise you a little bit. Once you’ve cast your ballot, you can trade your "I Voted" sticker for a free pint of beer at Portsmouth Brewery (limit one per customer, for obvious reasons). The premise is the same as giving you a pint of beer when you pay your parking ticket or donate a pint of blood at a Brewery-sponsored blood drive: it’s not hard to drink well while doing good.

If you’re not registered to vote, there are plenty of resources to help you do just that. Like this one, this one and this one. Each state has its own set of requirements, so be sure you know what’s required in yours, especially because some laws have changed for this election cycle. And don’t forget to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6 and exercise your right to pick your government.

We hope to see you at Portsmouth Brewery on Election Day for lunch, dinner or to have a bar snack and watch the returns roll in.


JT Thompson
Minister of Propaganda

Now, for some housekeeping. We don’t want to clutter up anyone’s inboxes, so we cull our mailing list from time to time. If you don’t wish to receive this newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link at the top of this page. (Not clicking "confirm" doesn’t automatically unsubscribe you.)

Portsmouth Brewery News

Notes from the Mash Tun
Tyler Jones Head Shot
Tyler and the Matts have been busy brewing and filling tanks downstairs with a cornucopia of seasonal surprises.

One improvement that’s helped is a new hot-water-on-demand system that allows them to do two brews in one day. These double brews are often scheduled on Thursdays, which means you might just get dinner and a floor show when you stop in for your Korean BBQ Beef Tacos.

In addition to the first batch of Octoberfest lager and Hop Harvest #1, both of which are currently on tap, there are 14 barrels of Hop Harvest #2, (brewed with fresh Citra hops) and single brews of our new Imperial Pumpkin Porter (infused with cacao nibs) and pHunkin, also new, brewed with real pumpkins and a blend of wild yeasts. 100 pounds of butternut squash were mashed with the malt bill of our Saison l’Automne, which should be in tap this week or next, while hop heads will herald the return of the spicy and hoppy red ale, Ginga Ninja, which is being double brewed this week.

With full fermenters, serving tanks and bottled beer stocks, our brewers took a well-deserved field trip to visit the good folks at Oxbow Brewing in Newcastle, Maine, one of Maine’s up-and-coming new breweries. While I’m sure everyone had fun, we heard there might have been some business being discussed as well. If we hear of anything more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Until then, we’ll see you at the pub!

Pints with Professors

Our first Seacoast Science Café was a great success! Cameron Wake (below, right) and Larry Norman (left) gave an excellent presentation about climate change that kept a full LaPanza Lounge engaged for two hours. We appreciate all of you that attended and participated.

Cameron Wake and Larry Hamilton at Seacoast Science Cafe #1 2012

October’s Science Café, Getting To Know Snow: Volunteer Climate Scientists Take an In-Depth Look at NH Snow, presented by Mary Stampone and Elizabeth Burakowski, takes place on October 17 at 6pm. If your winter revolves around constantly checking the weather on your smart phone or sick days that magically coincide with fresh snow falls, you’ll certainly want to join us to learn more about snow trends in the Granite State.

You don’t need any reservations or tickets to attend a Science Café, just show up. If you can’t join us, WSCA, Portsmouth’s community radio is recording each café to be broadcast at a later date.

Sip a Sea Hagg!

Sea Hagg Rum bottle

We’re proud to be one of a very select few accounts in the world to carry Sea Hagg Silver Rum. This sipping rum highlights a distinctive molasses flavor to it and has more depth and character to it than other silver/white rums available. All Sea Hagg products are distilled in a traditional copper still in North Hampton, NH, just up the road from Smuttynose’s new home at Towle Farm. Both of our breweries are excited to welcome them to the fast-growing Seacoast beverage scene.

Distiller Heather Hughes recently told us that other rums will be available soon, including an amber rum and a spiced rum.

Meet Norman Miller, Beer Nut and Author Norman Miller hocking product

Norman Miller has been writing about beer for an indeterminately long time. Until recently, he published online on his blog, Beer Nut and in the Metro West Daily News. Now, Norm’s got a book!

Beer Lover’s New England is now available from Globe Pequot Press. Not only will you get a trustworthy guide to breweries, brewpubs, beer bars and festivals, but also delicious food and homebrewing recipes (including our Old Brown Dog hanger steak) and well researched beer travel routes.

If you don’t have the book yet, fret not; Norman will be in the fishbowl by our main bar from 5-7pm on Friday, October 19, signing and selling books, while talking all things beer.

Trawl to Table

Chef Todd Sweet has been invited to participate in a sustainable seafood forum on October 23 in Rye, NH. Sponsored by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the forum brings together fishermen and purveyors, chefs and scientists to bridge the gaps of understanding in the local seafood supply chain- from trawl to table.

Chefs will have a chance to learn details about commercial fishing gear and practices while fisherman and purveyors will learn what chefs look for when buying fresh, local catches, while scientists will share the latest research that’s used to keep the Gulf of Maine ecosystem healthy and productive for all parties.

Small Plates Kitchen posse

Here are a few small briefs from around the Brewery:

-We’ve got a brand new batch of sweatshirts for both Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery in the retail store. These new threads are both stylish and warm, pretty much everything you could want from a sweatshirt.

-Our September events were lots of fun. Vintage and Vine raised $72,000 for Strawbery Banke, while Passport sold out in record time this year, despite an increase in the number of tickets that were sold. Serving lobster (see below) at the Fishtival in Prescott Park never hurts either. A big thanks to Chef Todd and Sous Chef Jon for getting great food out to these events while keeping up with a busy restaurant.

Lobster Salad in Sesame cups from 2012 Fishtival

-Locally-raised food is still coming in to our kitchens and it’s been excellent. We’ve even had some organic herbs show up unsolicited from students at the Cornerstone School.

Cornerstone School organix herbs

-The LaPanza Lounge is a great place to escape the cold rain and dreary skies this fall. We’ve got a great list of Cheap Food Specials and a big screen TV that’s perfect for watching the game. It’s also a great space to host a private event. If you need more information, please email Donna Marcotte, our function coordinator. She’s very excited to show you our brand new function guide that has the all the pertinent details that will make your office party or rehearsal dinner a big success.

And Don’t Forget Our

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge…

Sundays: Homemade, handmade pierogies filled with potato and cheese and tossed with onions and butter- two for $1!

Mondays: Beer braised spare ribs, tossed in BBQ or mustard glaze, and tempeh "ribs" – digits of cider-braised tempeh, lightly fried then tossed in BBQ or hot ale sauce. Only 50¢ apiece!

Tuesdays: Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or tempeh for a buck apiece.

Wednesdays: $1 meatball sliders

Thursdays: Parking Violation Night plus $2 grilled hot dogs served with a variety of tasty house-made toppings.

Smuttynose News

New From Smuttynose

October brings us a bit of a break in the schedule, as we’ve finished brewing and packaging all eighty-eight 50 barrel batches of Pumpkin Ale. The space in the schedule has allowed us to bring you three consecutive Thursdays of Short Batch events.

Herbaceous Label

October 11- The first Short Batch of the month is called Herbaceous. This amber ale was made with fresh, wet Citra hops direct from the vine. If you’ve never had a wet-hopped beer, you’re in for a treat. You can read more about Herbaceous on our Brewers Notes blog. We’ll be selling 46 cases of bottles from 5pm-7pm and you’ll be able to taste the beer before you buy it.

October 18- Bars and restaurants around the Seacoast will be tapping kegs of Lindz, a Kolsch brewed locally grown and produced malt, in memory of our friend Lindsey Altshul. This Short Batch release is different from the rest, mostly because almost the entire batch is staying in out home market to be enjoyed by those who knew and still love Lindsey. For a full list of draft accounts, check out this blog post.

Lindz Bottle

October 25- We’ll be releasing 60 cases of brewery-exclusive bottles of Lindz from 5-7pm. There will be a two bottle limit per person.

Last but not least, we’ve updated our Big Beer schedule on both our website and the side bar of our blog. Zinneke, our new Belgian Stout, is the next release and it should be out in early November. Like the label says, we aged a portion of this Belgian-style stout in bourbon barrels and then blended it back in with the main non-oaked batch. When we’ve got all the final details, we’ll post them on our blog, but if you can’t wait for a reference point, this is a tweaked version of Smuttynose Short Batch #10: Belgian Stout.
If you find yourself missing out on some Big Beer releases, why not
subscribe to our Big Beer Series
? Each subscription is good for nine releases and includes private release socials at Smuttynose.

Towle Farm Updates

Construction is clipping along nicely at Towle Farm. The property has a lot of subterranean rock ledges, so the crew had a great deal of blasting and earth moving to do before the actual building process could begin. As of last week, footers for the foundation began going up. They’re kind of like baby teeth poking through an infant’s gumline- the first sign of what’s to come.

We’re also pleased to welcome Clark James to the Smuttynose team. Clark is Smuttynose’s advocate at the construction site, which means his years of experience managing both construction projects and operating facilities will be put to use as our new home becomes manifest.

To see the first pieces of our building extending form the ground, log into our construction webcam. The project is still on pace to be completed in the fall of 2013.

Great American Beer Festival News

As you can see from the image to the right, the Great American Beer Festival takes place this week in Denver, Colorado. Smuttynose is proud to be one of the 500 breweries that’ll not only be pouring beer on the festival floor, but also putting their beers in competition against America’s finest.

Not only will we be pouring Vunderbar Pilsner, Robust Porter, Baltic Porter, Wheat Wine and Winter Ale. in booth I 13, but Smuttynose IPA and Old Brown Dog will be featured in a Farm to Table food pairing pavilion. Our two best-selling beers are being paired with custom-created cuisine from Jorge de la Torre, Dean of Culinary Education at Johnson and Wales University’s Denver campus.

I’ll also be sitting on a panel discussion of 2011 Gold Medal Winners in the Brewers Studio, talking about the trials and tribulations of winning a gold medal.

In addition to our five booth beers, Really Old Brown Dog, Homunculus and Imperial Stout were also entered into the competition. We’ll be posting updates on Facebook during the trip, so stay tuned.

A Reminder About Our Tours

Our tour attendance has been very high lately, but we’ve had some would-be tourists show up without reservations to find themselves unable to take a tour.

We have to limit each tour to 46 people, so if you know which tour you’d like to join, go ahead and make a reservation on our tour page. We are typically we’re able to let walk-ins join our tour, but you don’t really want to leave that to chance, do you?

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Here are some of the non-profit organizations we are supporting by collecting donations at Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery:

Cocheco Valley Humane Society is an all-breed animal rescue and shelter organization in Dover, NH.

Relay For Life: Team Cancer Crusher was founded after Smuttynose packaging operator Chuck Trott’s father was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. His family has been touched by cancer several more times, so they spend one weekend each year walking laps to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Unlimited Possibilities is an educational service foundation that promotes social justice through financial support and direct service.

The Sarah Fox Memorial Fund provides scholarships for young women who are interested in a career in firefighting. Sarah Fox was a Portsmouth firefighter who died of breast cancer in 2010.

Friends in Action‘s mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities by creating inclusive social and recreational opportunities. Friends in Action is a partnership between the Portsmouth School Department and a working group of parents and community members.

La Leche League of Maine and New Hampshire is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.

These are just a few of the many non-profits we’re able to support because of you.

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Portsmouth Brewery Notes
· Smuttynose Brewers Notes
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· Smuttyose Builds its Dream House

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Green Alliance Sticker

Event Updates

We hope you’ll join us for a beer (or dinner) at one of these events, which have been culled from our event calendar

10/11- Pat Fondiller’s Happy Hour Music Series stops in at The Gutter in Brooklyn with beer specials and bands that are hand-picked by Pat.

10/13- The legendary Mugs Alehouse, also in Brooklyn is hosting a Pumpkinfest from noon until 3pm, including the best pumpkin beer that still tastes like beer, Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale.

10/16- Joanna Manzo brings out round 2 of Nuts for Smuts, pairing tree nuts with different Smuttynose beers at Lucky’s Last Chance. Director of Brewing Operations, Dave Yarrington will be on hand as well, showing off his shelling skills.

10/19- Cranston, Rhode Island’s biggest and baddest festival, Beervana returns for another year. Joe Grotto will be joined by Wood-Aging Funktifier Charlie Ireland behind the booth.

10/20- A new addition to our local festival calendar, Powderkeg Beer and Chili Fest gets going in Exeter, NH. Bill Harris no doubt has fun tricks up his sleeve!

10/24- We’ve got two big events going on: Bill Harris squares off again the grape heads in a Beer vs. Wine Dinner at Stella Blue in Nashua, NH while Pat Fondiller takes over the taps at The Smokehouse Chili Grill in New Rochelle, NY.

10/27- Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to be a part of Portland, ME’s Harvest on the Harbor, Maine’s premier culinary experience.

We’ll see you out and about!

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