Wednesday night out 10/10/12

Thai Allison and Adam where all going fine at Smith’s Billiards after the senate debates going on in Springfield last night. They were all in fine spirits even though it was a heavier night for patrons from the Scott Brown (R) and Elizabeth Warren (D) debate! To my dismay I found out that the Dales defiant cask had not been delivered. I got to talk to Keith the manager he had ordered one of only two in the state, and thought they must have gone to the Boston area instead of here! Keith being a fan of the second one I had tonight Allagash Bourbon black, had asked when would we be back and he would tap at least one of the two 1/6 kegs of Avery Octoberfest they have. When he said they go quick, I replied next Wednesday. So its back there next week and I hope it will be The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest, can’t wait!

Bear Republic

Late Harvest pours golden amber with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of malts with pine/citrus aromas. Taste is big of malt and hops with cereal or biscuit flavor and nice genteel mouth bite. 6.3% 14oz goblet on tap at Smith’s Billiards 10/10/12.


Bourbon Black pours black with good head that stays afloat and sticky lacing. Nose of chocolate and dark malts with maybe a fruit in there? Taste is real big with flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate and alcohol. Badassbeer at 9.3%. 10oz goblet at Smith’s Billiards 10/10/12


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