Long weekend short of beer time!

Saturday we would close our camper for the season and we will miss the weekends away from home. We stopped in at Olde Forge for a last call for the season and enjoyed their food and 17 taps. Now I know that I enjoy stouts year round but they called out to me from the tap board. For starters it would be Fisherman Pumpkin Stout then Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. Sunday would be spent putting stuff away from camper and opening a growler of Wandering Star Thunderbolt IPA in the afternoon, and at 9 ball that night would enjoy Shipyard Pumpkin Head and BBC OktoberfestSorry no write ups it’s hard to do and play pool”. Monday I had a bottle of Red Stripe Dragon Stout that a fellow camper had given me and broke open the 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, trying two from that. The beer that stood out this weekend would be the Old Rasputin Imperial Stout!


Pumpkin Stout pours black with big head and thick sliding lacing. Nose of sweet pumpkin and dark roast malts. Taste is rich and sweet of dark malt with a hint of pumpkin. Very good in a English pint glass at Olde Forge 10/6/12.

Old Rasputin

Imperial Stout pours black with big creamy head and lodes of thick sticky lacing. Nose has a bouquet similar to a wine with a rich dark malt aroma. Taste is over the top with a rich dark malt flavor that lingers. Very great! Tulip glass at Olde Forge 10/6/12.

Wandering Star

Thunderbolt IPA Pours amber/golden with good head and some sticky lacing. Nose of mainly Grapefruit/pineapple with a slight spice or root note. Taste is a gentle hop mouth blast with a nice bitter after mouth. Fast becoming my favorite local IPA! A Badassbeer from growler.

Red Stripe

Dragon Stout pours black with a red hue good head and good sticky lacing. Nose is of cereal and sweet dark malt. Taste is semisweet of rich malt with a bitter cocoa sting. Very good from bottle 9.6oz 7.5% on 10/8/12.

Sierra Nevada

Floral IPA 2012 Beer Camp #53 pours golden amber with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is floral from the rose hips and some piney aroma in there. Taste big time mouth biting with a clean after earthy note. Badassbeer for sure! 12oz. 5.9% on 10/8/12.

Oatmeal Stout 2012 Beer Camp #45 pours black with good head and sliding lacing. Nose is sweet of rich dark malts with a cocoa aroma. Taste is deep and rich with dark malt and mocha flavor along with nice zingy hop or alcohol mouth bite. Badassbeer for it’s class! 12oz. 9.0% on 10/8/12.


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