Adirondack Region Brew Outing

Some of you know that I’ve donated my stem cells to my older brother not once but twice now and he’s getting better on each checkup he has. Well we made plans for the weekend to go visit him and his wife up in Au sable Forks in the Adirondacks at their camp. What a great opportunity for beer hunting up that way with our stops being at Coopers Cave Ale on Friday, then Lake Placid Pub and Brewery on Saturday and on the ride home Sunday the Adirondack Pub and Brewery. Coopers Cave brews had an unusual taste to them, like sour and alcohol? We asked the bartender and there reply was the wheat. But don’t get me wrong here, I have had brews like this before, and with some time could grow found of them. At Lake Placid Pub and Brewery we missed by a couple of day something they were calling Back Fence IPA where the hops are from someone’s fence in their back yard. The Adirondack Pub and Brewery was a little more laid back probably because it was Sunday. All three places were great along with seeing my brother!

Cooper’s Cave Ale

IPA pours brown/amber with good head and sliding lacing. Nose is funky like wet socks or skunk cabbage? Taste is close to same as nose with a pungent mouth bite. But don’t get me wrong it’s different but very good. Pint glass at brewery on 9/28/12.

Tavern Ale pours yellow with good head and minimal lacing. Nose of more sour notes than anything else. Taste is sour pungent from get go but with heavy bitter malt flavors. Different but very good. Pint glass at brewery on 9/28/12.

Lake Placid

IPA pours dark amber with good head and lacing. Nose of malt with citrus aroma. Taste is smooth with nice mouth bitterness but not over bearing along with good malt back bone. Pint glass on tap at brewery 9/28/12.

Adirondack Pub & Brewery

Sampler of six Bobcat Blond, Hefewiezen, Bear Naked ale, Fiddlehead Farm Paddle Ale, Rye Pale Ale, B.A. Mocha Stout.

IPA 2 very friggin good more hoppy mouth bite then most doubles not that smooth like others or imperial very good mouth bite. Goblet glass on 9/30/12.


Sorry it was a wet day only got one picture at Lake Placid Pub!IMAG2062


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