Wednesday night out 9/26/12

Smith’s Billiards had Element Brewing Red Giant on cask and our bartender Thai’s birthday is in a couple of days so this would be our choice of destinations. With gift in hand it was a surprise to Thai along with others around that knew him. It was a quite night there a first for us with less than a dozen or so. But the beer was fantastic especially the Red Giant so tasty with an overboard amount of flavor. My second one would be the same, Left Hand Oktoberfest, like they through in more ingredients than they needed to. We conversed with Adam and Emmy along with a couple questions we had for Thai about Theodore’s downstairs also being owned by them. How do they get drinks up or down? Well I guess that was an easy one. He said if they’re not too busy downstairs the wait staff would come up and get some of the good brews from upstairs. And if you wanted to go from up to downstairs the wait staff would open up the door in the hallway so you didn’t have to go outside which was illegal with your drink. All in all it was another great visit and happy birthday Thai.


Red Giant pours golden brown with good head and lacing. Nose is rich of sweet dark malts. Taste is mouth tingling of alcohol and very dry along with semisweet malt flavor. Very good and bold on cask at Smith’s Billiards 8.0% 9/26/12.

Left Hand

Oktoberfest pours red/golden with good head that fades quickly and not much lacing. Nose of sweet spicey malts. Taste is sweet at first than malty with a cake like note very tasty. 6.5% on tap at Smith’s Billiards 9/26/12.


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