Wednesday night out 9/18/12

We past up the Brooklyn Brown Ale on cask at Smith’s Billiards for a close walk to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield because the Badassbeerwife wanted to watch the last night of big brother till 11pm! With it being that late at night we found most of the staff seating at the bar enjoying their self’s, and Chris the night manager was breaking in bartender Jenn on closing up routines. We got to talk to her and enjoyed our conversation during of our visit. Chris had told us of his trip to Colorado to see Phish but did not have any good brews from that area “What a shame”. I did get to try a couple of brews that were new to me, starting with a Ballast Point Big Eye IPA and then on to Pretty Thing Baby Tree. Both brews were equally excellent!

Ballast Point

Big Eye IPA pours amber/orange with good head that stays afloat and thick sticky lacing. Nose of citrus/orange and pine aroma big time. Taste of malt with hay/grass flavor and a mild biter mouth bite that lasts awhile. Very friggin good, 6.8% pint glass on tap Tavern restaurant Westfield 9/19/12.

Pretty Thing

Baby Tree pours brown with red high lights with good head that stays afloat and thick sliding lacing. Nose of rich malts with a molasses/fruit over tone. Taste semisweet and wet of malt that’s on the light side with medium fruit/alcohol flavors. Similar to barley wine and very good. 9.0% pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant Westfield 9/19/22.


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