Big E weekend brew

What does the Eastern States Exposition “The Big E” have to do with beer? Well there is a German Munich beer garden, Opa Opa saloon, Sam Adams brew garden, Tavern terrace, and the Vermont State building serving up brews from that state like Long Trail/Otter Creek/Wolaver’s along with plenty of entertainment and attraction. We arrived Friday opening day shortly after 10am, sipped Sam Octoberfest when we had lunch, then walked down to the avenue of states were I enjoyed a Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout and after the Bill Medley “The Righteous Brothers” show we relaxed and imbibed some brews at the Opa Opa saloon their IPA yum. On Saturday we visited Wondering Star Craft Brewery and seeing there are only a few weekends left for camping to fill growlers there. We found out from Chris with some optimism from Shannon, that starting next week they will only fill their own growlers and have a loyalty card program along with prices of $6 now going to $8 and $10! He had something new pouring called Red Oktober that was a big hopped up Octoberfest which was most excellent!

Wondering Star

Red Oktober pours red/brown with good head and sliding lacing. Nose is IPA with floral/citrus aromas. Taste is IPA mouth bite with some mild malt back bone. A Badassbeer 9/16/12 growler.

big e 01big e 02big e 03big e 04big e 05IMAG1987

Shannon far Left Chris owner and brewer with shorts on! and I forgot to ask about the %signs on taps.IMAG1994IMAG1996

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