Midweek night out 9/12/12

Smith’s Billiards would be our destination tonight with them tapping a cask of Blatant dry hopped IPA with owner and brewer Matthew Steinberg. We had got there about eight pm and I ordered the blatant cask and after a few sips I had asked Thai where was the blatant guy and he said over there, a couple of minutes later when he came back our way I said which one, he said the guy going out the door. So within ten minutes I missed meeting him. The wife found dogfish pumpkin and was happy and I also talked her in to Smuttynose Wheat Wine on her next brew. We had a very good and long conversation with Adam who is a bartender/all around go to guy there, about breweries fairly close by that we and he have visited and he told us of schooling he’s going through. The wife was trying to talk him into medicine as a doctor’s helper. Not knowing what to have next Thai told me that they have a paddle board now of four 4oz samples glasses, so now I had to pick four! My write up on the samples maybe vague seeing it’s only 4oz and only about two and a half mouth full’s plus the wife shared some of her wheat wine with me; it was another great night out and Thai gave us a t-shirt and Blatant glasses to take home.


Dry hopped IPA on cask pours hazy yellow with two finger head and lots of sticky lancing. Nose is big of floral/citrus grapefruit hops almost to the point of over board but great. Taste is big and bitter on the mouth but just right with all over mouth bite. Very friggin good at Smith’s Billiards 6.5% 16oz pint glass on 9/12/12.

The following where the 4 oz samplers

Pretty Thing

Meadowlark IPA pours clear amber with good head and sticky lacing. Nose of pine/citrus aroma. Taste is bitter on mouth but more on the tongue. Very good at Smith’s Billiards 7.0% 4oz glass on 9/12/12.

21st Amendment

Hop Crisis “imperial/double Ipa” pours a clear yellow with good head and sticky lacing. Nose of grapefruit and a hay/straw/earthy note. Taste is like the smell with nice dry mouth with a bite. Very good at Smith’s Billiards 9.7% 4oz glass on 9/12/12.

Sierra Nevada

Celebration Ale Pours a golden amber with big head that settles down to a floating cap and thick sticky lacing. Nose of grass and pine with a somewhat citrus aroma. Taste is big with malt and a great hop mouth bite that lingers for a long while. Very good at Smith’s Billiards 6.8% 4oz glass on 9/12/12.


Breakfast Stout pours black with good head and good lacing. Nose of dark malt with some espresso notes. Taste is smooth but short of some malt and coffee along with some sweetness to it. Good at Smith’s Billiards 8.3% 4oz glass on 9/12/12.

This one the wife saved me a few sips.


Wheat Wine Ale pours a hazy golden with good head and lacing. Nose of light malt and brandy alcohol aroma. Taste is mostly the same of wine / brandy / alcohol. Very friggin good at Smith’s Billiards 11.0% goblet glass on 9/12/12.

See what’s pouring tonight on their home page http://smithsbilliards.com/

Adam is on the left and Thai on the right and me in the “mirror”


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