Midweek Night Out 9/5

The badassbeerwife and I for the exercise and want for good brews walked to our local Tavern Restaurant Westfield. The tree quarter mile walk down Elm Street was showing signs of getting close to completion of the federal grant for reconstruction. For being a Wednesday night and just after 9 pm there was still a good crowd at the place. We found that Judy one of our favorite bartenders had the night off seeing she had worked for someone else on the Monday holiday. I could not remember the last time we had been there, but we won’t stay away that long the next time seeing their 17 tap are up and running. I found the two west coast brews I had were most excellent with similar pungent mouth bite, but the Wookey Jack stood out the most and could the best Black IPA I’ve had yet.


Wooky Jack pours black with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose of sweet malts and earthy/pine aroma. Taste is mouth puckering and tongue biting bitter of rich dark malts and hops. A Badassbeer 8.3% on tap at Tavern restaurant 9/5/12.

Green Flash

West Coast IPA pours hazy red/amber with good head and lots of lacing. Nose is more pine with some grapefruit to it. Taste is mouth biting with what I call a plastic note. 7.3% on tap at Tavern restaurant 9/5/12



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