Smith’s Billiards Wednesday night 8/29/12

After finding out that Smith’s Billiards had a new cask system that was up and run tonight we had to check it out. Upon our arrival we saw two tour buses and I though the cask must be done by now but it wasn’t. It was somewhat packed but we found some seats and I started off with a Dogfish Head My Antonia which came in a stemmed glass and was very good. Second up was from their new cask engine and that was Stone Double Dry Hopped IPA in a pint glass. I’m going to have to get use to cask brews they just seem to be on the light side not to carbonated to me? I do have to say that I like most of my brews to breathe and warm to see the changes in them, but this way seems to take something out of it. This one was no exception but it was great just without much fizz and coolness. We did get to goof with a few beer geeks during our visit and also got to meet our favorite bartender Thai’s girl friend Allison. And the two busloads of people had left so we got to enjoy or last brews in Pease. Sorry about the beer geek thing but I do not like it when they inflect their wisdom on others so I have to have fun with them!

Dogfish Head

My Antonia pours hazy yellow with two finger head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of citrus/lemon with a pilsner aroma. Taste is up front tongue tingling of light grain malt with nice hop mouth bite. Very good 7.5% 10oz Flute glass Smith’s Billiards 8/29/12.


Double dry hopped IPA pours yellow with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of citrus hops with a pine/earthy note. Taste is smooth cause it’s from a cask but it has loads of malt flavor with a gentle bitter mouth. Very good 6.9% in 16oz pint glass on cask at Smith’s Billiards 8/29/12.



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