Runaround for Brews 8-25-12

With the release of Lefty’s Brewing Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Stout for Ryan and Casey’s 100 year anniversary and only 35 cases made, I had to get me some before they ran out for my cellar. Thursday afternoon I traveled to Greenfield to Ryan & Casey’s about forty miles or so away, it’s been awhile sense my last visit but they have a nice selection of some fine brews. Late that afternoon I volunteered for bottling at my local Westfield River Brewing, where I got to try Sergio’s second batch of IPA. I have to say its getting better with each batch he brews. Saturday we would travel to Olde Saratoga Brewing to see Dan and Kim for our first visit this year. They both were going well and I found out Dan had the same ablation done to his heart as I did. They had the most taps flowing out of all the times we visited, so we had plenty of choices for our six empty growlers. These were the six Saratoga Lager, Mendocino Blonde Ale, Oatmeal Stout, White Hawk “IPA”, Imperial India Pale Ale, and Imperial Barley Wine Ale. With due regrets on the Barley Wine at 11.0% this was the first one we opened and I’ve learned now to drink this stuff slower or there is consequences in the morning but it was excellent. Just a couple of words about Olde Saratoga I wished I lived a lot closer; where can you go and sample their brews for five hours a day and ten hours on Saturday for just whatever you want to throw in their tip pail? If anyone finds a place like this please let me know!

My write ups on what I’ve had so far.

Saratoga Lager pours a dark amber/copper with good head and cobweb lacing. Nose is mainly malt with a citrus and German note. Taste is semisweet with big malt flavor and a nice wet smooth mouth of marzen/Oktoberfest quality. 6.0% 8/27/12 growler from brewer.


Blonde Ale pours a golden color with a fair head and some lacing on glass. Nose of light malts with and earthy grass aroma. Taste light malt grain with an earthy hop flavor and a hint of lemon/lime. 5.0-7.0% Very good from growler at Olde Saratoga 8/26/12.

Oatmeal Stout pours black with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of dark malts. Taste is smooth of rich malt with a chocolate and coffee flavor. 6.0% Very good from growler at Olde Saratoga 8/27/12.

Imperial Barley Wine Ale pours dark red/brown with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of rich malts with notes of brandy/alcohol? Taste of dark fruits like figs or something along with nice malt and hop flavor and a hint of caramel and some alcohol. 11.0% Very good from growler at Olde Saratoga 8/26/12. Note don’t let this one kick your ass!


This weeks bottling Team at Westfield River Brewing



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