Brew vacation with sights

Started out with something’s planned and others not. After a few somber days at camper we started our planned part with going to see my sister out in New York on Saturday the 4th. A much needed stop was at Horse Heads brewing to find that their Pumpkin was pouring which made the Badassbeerwife very happy. We left with six growlers two of them pumpkin one peach wheat and IPA then black horse IPA and finished off with their Expedition Pale Ale. This was the first time they had that big of a crowd, somewhere around fifteen people! We talked to a couple that lived just a few miles away he was a retired Colonel and that was their first time but won’t be their last. We went on to my sisters and my other beer pal her husband who I call uncle Gary to start our short visit with them and enjoy some of the wonderful nectar we just received. On Monday we paid a visit to my brethren the Indians for cigarettes their brands were $15 a carton and loose ones in bag at 222-pcs at $13 I got a few of both. On Tuesday we headed off to Niagara Falls to check them out and to see them at night when there lighted up in colors. I got to enjoy a Sam Adams lager at Top of the fall restaurant overlooking Horseshoe Falls. Later that night after the lighted falls show I sampled a Flying Bison Buffalo Lager at the Hard Rock cafe there. On our way back towards home on Wednesday a stop at Middle Ages Brewing in Syracuse was a good idea seeing it had been 3-4 years since our last visit. Thursday I had to be back for an unemployment appointment and Friday for a veteran’s funeral of a good friend and fellow APA pool playing buddy, after a reception for which we headed back to camper. On Saturday we were back to our same old with a visit to Wandering Star brewing in Pittsfield for refills and found out they were waiting on delivery of a couple new hops for them, to make an extra hoppy IPA and their very first Oktoberfest brew. I can’t wait to try them out next month! That would finish our little vacation outing,


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