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August, 2012
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News from Smuttynose
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Dear Badassbeers,

Welcome to the crossroads, dear reader! This newsletter finds both Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose at the start of exciting new chapters in their company histories.

On July 19, we said goodbye to Tod Mott after eight and a half years of enthusiastic service at Portsmouth Brewery, while welcoming Tyler Jones back from Smuttynose to keep the seven barrel system running at capacity. It seems like volumes of writing have been produced about this change, from newspaper articles, a story on Boston’s CBS affiliate as well as countless tweets, Facebook posts and forum comments scattered across the thriving internet beer community. Beer drinkers have asked about the future of Kate the Great and whether or not their favorites beers will still be brewed. If you haven’t heard yet, Tod will be taking his Imperial Stout recipe with him while we will retain the intellectual property of Kate the Great. All other beer choices are up to Tyler and his staff.

"Dear Leader" Peter Egelston eulogized Tod’s tenure with his eloquent blog post in The Smuttynose Tavern. We know the Tyler Jones era at Portsmouth Brewery will be a great one and we hope that you’ll join us in our excitement for the journey.

Meanwhile, across town….

Smuttynose is finally, finally, about to break ground on our much-delayed new brewery project at Towle Farm. Permits are being pulled as I type this introduction and the site fencing should be up by the end of the day on Monday, July 30. Though we don’t have a date for groundbreaking, it’s finally go-time, even if it hasn’t quite sunken in yet. But, with new equipment spreading further into our warehouse and off site warehousing filling up, we really couldn’t’ve waited much longer. We’ll be sharing updates when we have them.

As we cross into two new frontiers, we’re very excited for what the future holds. There are obviously a large amount of variables, but the stuff we do know, well, you can find it below.

Cheers and thanks for reading,

JT Thompson
Minister of Propaganda

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Portsmouth Brewery News

Notes from the Mash Tun
Tyler Jones Head Shot
We’ve got another few weeks of Tod-brewed beers before Tyler’s beer hits the tap. Tyler was an avid blogger as an assistant brewer and he’s excited to get back to the keyboard, so stay tuned to his
Brewer’s Notes for all the "tappenings."

On the horizon is another batch of Cluster’s Last Stand, a beer originally brewed in January as a collaboration with Stone Brewing Company and Smuttynose. It clocks in at 62 IBU and around 6.5% abv, but more importantly, this brew features a heavy helping of old school hops, Cluster and Bullion. This was Tod’s final batch as Portsmouth Brewery’s Head Brewer and we expect it pour through quickly.

We’ve still got a small amount of the Alchemist collaboration brew, Tarnation on tap. This dark, 8% abv hop bomb hits the previously unknown spot between a strong milk stout and Black IPA.

Other beers soon to come to tap include the Asian-influenced Thaizenheimer, and the classic summer two-fer of Wit, and Double Wit.

Last but not least, our bottle labels have a colorful new look.

New Pbrew Bottle Labels

New Entrees
Kitchen posse
Chef Todd Sweet is happy to present these new entrees for your future dining plans, starting on August 3:

Shoyu Chicken

Ginger, soy and beer-braised chicken thighs with roasted sweet potato wedges and sesame spinach

Brewhouse Tamales

N.H. smoked cheddar, roasted chiles and potatoes steamed in our beer, served with salsa roja, black beans and a chile-lime fruit salad

Malt Grilled Salmon

Fresh Atlantic Salmon grilled and finished with our mustard-malt glaze, served over ale-braised greens and roasted garlic pearl pasta

Spice Grilled Steak

Hand-trimmed sirloin flap steak seasoned with our chile-beer rub and IPA butter, served with onion-rosemary fries

Grilled Vegan Sausage

House-made Italian-style, meatless sausage with sautéed peppers and onions, fresh basil and marinara sauce over whole wheat pasta

Tempeh Reuben

Spice-smoked tempeh piled high on rye with sauerkraut, caramelized onions, vegan Russian dressing and your choice of Swiss or Vegan cheese

And Don’t Forget Our

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge…

Sundays: Homemade, handmade pierogies filled with potato and cheese and tossed with onions and butter- two for $1!

Mondays: Beer braised spare ribs, tossed in BBQ or mustard glaze, and tempeh "ribs" – digits of cider-braised tempeh, lightly fried then tossed in BBQ or hot ale sauce. Only 50¢ apiece!

Tuesdays: Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or tempeh for a buck apiece.

Wednesdays: $1 meatball sliders

Thursdays: Parking Violation Night plus $2 grilled hot dogs served with a variety of tasty house-made toppings.

Pints For Pints #3 Blood Drop

We’re excited to sponsor another blood drive with the American Red Cross!

Please make an appointment to donate blood on August 10, between noon and 5pm at the Portsmouth Sheraton Harborside. Each donor will receive a card that they can redeem for a pint of beer at Portsmouth Brewery, provided they’re 21. It’s a great and easy way to make a difference for someone who will really be in need.

Other Staff Changes

While Tod Mott’s departure has been taking all the headlines, we’ve had a few other key staff members move on recently.

Former manager Anthony Cormier is returning to school in preparation to teach art history, while former Assistant Brewer Brian Routhier, has returned to Smuttynose to take the spot vacated by Tyler Jones.

We wish them both luck in their new roles, though we expect we’ll see them both around the brewpub from time to time.

Smuttynose News

New From Smuttynose

Homunculus, our hoppy Belgian golden ale, is in stores, bars and restaurants now!

This year’s release is more straight forwardly continental with 100% Saphir dry hopping. Our next Big Beer release will be the return of Scotch Ale in September.

For more information about 2012’s Homunculus, please visit our Brewers Notes blog.

We’ve also got brand spanking new Homunculus t-shirts that feature our entire staff on the back.

On the Short Batch side, our next release revisits the smallest Short Batch release, #3, Strawberry Short Weiss. This 3.7% abv sour beer was fermented with hefeweizen yeast and aged with 60 pounds of all-natural strawberry puree. The clean lactic character pairs especially well with its light body. Release dates haven’t yet been set, but we’ll let you know through our social media channels and email list. The bottle allotment for brewery sales has increased slightly, to 30 cases.

Last and certainly not least, autumnal favorite, Smuttynose Pumpkin BottlePumpkin Ale, has begun shipping, with New Jersey’s Hunterdon the first wholesaler to accept shipments. Others states will take their allotments shortly. Our fall seasonal fits real pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and Liberty hops into a delicious 5.8% abv package.

We’ve got to share a big "thank you" with our production team, especially Head Brewer Greg Blanchard, for working extra hard to brew every drop of 2012’s Pumpkin Ale in house, here at Smuttynose (that’s 88 batches!). We’re very excited to have this beloved beer back where it belongs in Portsmouth.

If you find yourself missing out on some Big Beer releases, why not subscribe to our Big Beer Series? Each subscription is good for nine releases and includes private release socials at Smuttynose.

New Equipment

As growth continues, so do new equipment purchases. In the last three weeks we’ve added our ninth 200 barrel fermenter, as well as a new palletizer for finished cases of beer.

The new fermenter essentially means we’ll be brewing six days a week, while the new palletizer means lots of cool automation to post on our YouTube channel, as well as lots of happy backs for our bottling line crew, who hand stack every case we make.

Thanks for helping us grow!

Clean Water = Tasty Beer

Did you know that water is the most significant ingredient in brewing? In addition to making up ~90% of every Smuttynose beer, clean water from the Piscataqua River watershed is vital to every step of our process, which is why we’re pleased to announce that…

Smuttynose is partnering with the Piscataqua River Estuary Partnership (PREP), to form the "Clean Water Partnership Program." We’ll will be providing support and marketing assistance for PREP’s efforts to preserve and improve the health of the Great Bay and the Hampton/Seabrook estuary.

The Piscataqua River and its estuaries gather water from nearly 1500 square miles of land in both Maine and New Hampshire before the water enters Portsmouth Harbor. That’s a lot of water that needs to be kept clean for future generations of swimmers, paddlers, farmers, fishermen, Smuttynose drinkers and residents.

We’ll be supporting some great events over the next few months including the Clean Water Music series, the annual King Tide Photo Contest and PREP’s State of Our Estuaries Conference this December. Both organizations will also collaborate on social media and branding.

Please visit their website for more information.

Hospitality Room Upgrade Hosp Nook Redux

Our beautifully framed competition medals are the highlight of our recently beautified tour nook. We hope you’ll come by not only to read the tags on medals but to sample our beer, take a tour and check out selection of vintage Big Beer bottles. We are taking reservations online for our tours, if you’d like to book ahead.

Thanks to brewery hosts Ben and Jason for their work on this project.

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Here are some of the non-profit organizations we are currently collecting donations for at Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery:

The Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center is both a leading pediatric teaching hospital and a fully functional pediatric hospital that focuses on rare and unusual conditions.

Northeast Passage seeks to create a world of barrier-free recreation for individuals with disabilities equal to what their non-disabled peers experience.

Discover Portsmouth Center is the gateway for arts, culture and history in our city. Their current exhibit features the history of Smuttynose Island.

Team Socs’ Jimmy Fund Walk Portsmouth Brewery bartender and team captain Donna Marcotte hope to collect $25,000 in donations to fight cancer this year.

These are just a few of the many non-profits we’re able to support because of you.

Our Blogs
Portsmouth Brewery Notes
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Event Updates

We hope you’ll join us for a beer (or dinner) at one of these events, which have been culled from our event calendar

8/6- President Peter Egelston pairs up with international baking master Ciril Hitz and his wood oven at Gracie’s in Providence.

8/7-8/11- The Great British Beer Festival, which takes place in London from August 7 through August 11. We’ve sent two firkins over this year (Old Brown Dog and Finest Kind IPA) and three different bottled beers (2010 Wheat Wine, Robust Porter and Finest Kind IPA).

8/11- Glen Bulloss will be in Roanoke, VA at their annual Microfestivus.

8/14- We’ve got a double header today. The first event is a tap takeover at Washington DC’s high-profile beer bar ChurchKey from 5-7 while the later event is much more formal. Rochester NY’s Tap & Mallet is hosting a Smuttynose beer dinner from 7-11. We certainly don’t expect you to make both.

8/21- New Haven’s Prime 16 opens its cellar for a Smuttynose Tap Takeover.

8/26- It’s the return of Portsmouth Gaslight Company‘s annual Smuttynose Pig Roast. It’s a swine time that brings a number of our brewers out for a delicious meal with all the fixin’s.

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