Mid Week brew update

Well it’s the second post this week and for a good reason, sense I herd of Samuel Adams having a one day event of only 50 case of their Brewlywed ale on July 26; I had to get me one. Well it was something Jim Koch created in limited quantities for wedding events or even people like us that have been married for 41 years. We missed the three marriages that took place earlier with one of them witnessed by Jim himself. But we did take or third tour and got to see their new tasting room and gift shop. The samples we had where their lager then summer and on to brick red that’s only brewed for the Boston area. To help round off the afternoon we took in the Boston aquarium and it’s IMAX Theater. Next would be some dinner before the trip back home and that lead us to Cambridge Commons with their 31 Taps we enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner along with Green Flash West Coast IPA and Smuttynose Finestkind IPA which still left me in good shape for the drive. It was just a wonderful and enjoyable day for a change.

Green Flash

West Coast IPA pours hazy amber with good head and lacing. Nose is more pine with some grapefruit to it. Taste is mouth biting with what I call a plastic note. 7.3% Cambridge commons 7/26/12 pint glass.


Finestkind IPA pours hazy orange/amber with good head and nice sticky lacing. Nose is hop citrusy with some pine notes. Taste is grapefruit with a nice strange bitter mouth from either "burnt popcorn or lemon rind?" But very good and it gets smoother as it warms. 6.9% Cambridge commons 7/26/12 pint glass.



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