Brew update at Moe’s

That’s what it’s coming to now that I’m unemployed and don’t give an “F”. I’ve been a few places and had some great brews since then and this one needs to be told. We stopped a Moe’s Tavern to hand off the grandson “littlebadass” to his mother on Saturday. Well we meet up with a couple from central mass Jeff and Diana “and I’m hoping I got the names right” that we had a very good conversation and time with there for a long while. They were on retreat of sorts and it started with me talking about Moe’s opening a retail store, and they told me to go see Patrick and that I had about ten minutes to do so, off I went and when I got back a short while later I had introduced them to my wife and we keep talking and taking. We had a great time with them and the brews where excellent to the point that I didn’t get to give them a good write up. I started with Jack’s Abby Smoke and Dagger on nitro then onto Gary’s IPA and we shared Ommegang triple.

Jack’s Abby

Smoke and Dagger on nitro pours black with huge head and lots of thick lacing. Nose of dark malts with a smoke note to it. Taste is smooth somewhat of a porter mouth. Moe’s Tavern 7/21/12 pint glass.


IPA pours amber with good head and good lacing. Nose is sweet with a straw note. Taste is average and on the mild side? Moe’s Tavern 7/21/12 pint glass.


Tripel Perfection pours orange with short head and sticky lacing. Nose is all Belgian big time with hints of fruit or citrus. Taste is overwhelming on the mouth and hard to explain, with some lemon and alcohol notes. Moe’s Tavern 7/21/12 short snifter glass.


One comment on “Brew update at Moe’s

  1. You got the names mostly right…it’s Diana, like the princess, as if you couldn’t guess. We had an amazing conversation. You are two amazing people! Although I don’t drink beer, I did drink some Downeast Cider that was to die for! I drink a LOT of hard cider and this stuff is the genuine article, as my grandpa used to say. I’m so glad we met you two and hope we will someday meet up again!

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