Weekend Brews 7/8/12

I know I’ve not posted anything in about a week but I have some exciting stuff if you stay with me! Some of you know that I have been laid off as of Wednesday the 27th that kind of bummed me out, but I think I’m working through it. Last week it was the same of what I’ve been doing which was paying a visit to Westfield River brewing on Thursday and fill growlers and go to camper. On Saturday visited Wandering Star brewing Pittsfield and filled growlers and back to the campground in Hancock. Well it started out the same this week except I told Sergio the brewer and owner of Westfield River that I had some volunteer time. Could he use me and I helped them bottle his Black squirrel on Friday. Now on our visit to Wandering Star this Saturday I talked to Chris the brewer and owner there about what I’ve been up to, and reminded him that when I called him last year and he told me that he had only been open about a week and I had to bring my own glass ware, and then telling him that I and the wife were Sergio’s first customers this year at Westfield river brewing, telling him about his pomegranate test batch. Then Chris told me about his new double red that he’s planning for the fall. He was real interested in meeting up with Sergio. Now it’s up to me to hook these two guys up, that both brew some great beers that I and the wife really like.

Westfield River

Pomegranate pours a cloudy yellow/amber in color with good head and lacing. Nose is sweet with a note of fruit. Taste is mouth bubbling with a sting of pomegranate, and hints of vanilla but dry and tart very good. On the verge of a badassbeer! 7/5/12 from Growler.

Sergio at Westfield river brewing


Chris at Wandering Star Craft Brewery


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