Weekend 6/17/12

I had Friday off this week from work that makes another week at 32 hours and that sounds great to me. We visited Westfield River Brewing on our way to our camper and got to see Sergio and his wife along with their 3 week old baby boy. On Saturday Wandering Star was open 9-noon I got two growlers filled and high tailed it back to camper where the Badassbeerwife and I enjoyed some fine brews from said growlers and each others company the rest of the weekend. It’s great to have local brews! With the one brewery in the town we live and only in business about two months, and the other about 1 year and close to our campground along with great brews. I know it sounds like last weekend’s post but you can’t beat it at 5$ & 6$ for a half gallon of good beer!

Next week on Saturday we will be attending The Worthy St Craft Beer Showcase we would like to see you there.

Westfield River Brewing

Black Squirrel Pours clear yellow with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of malts and an earthy Hop note. Taste is dry but wet with malt flavor and a nice gentle hop mouth. Very good for a pale ale!

Wandering Star Brewing

Zingari Wit pours little hazy yellow with good head and fare lacing. Nose is somewhat Belgium citrus along with some spice in there. Taste is on the sweet side with a wet mouth. Very good!

USSR pours red with good head and good lacing. Nose of rye malts very strong but good. Taste is also on the strong side with big rye mouth bite. Most excellent rye!


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