After work brew 6/13/12

Collins Tavern would be my stop tonight, and without the better half because some of our friends are deathly sick or died from accidents! Upon my arrival there the crew was light and they were watching a baseball game The Giants and the Astros and it turned out to be a perfect game for the San Francisco Giants, Even I got into it and cheered at the end. Now onto the brews the Harpoon Summer Beer and the Sea Dog Wild Blueberry stood out to me in that order and both were excellent and complemented each other. Now I’m not big on fruity beer but it had been a while since I had a blueberry and it really tasted great on the pallet.


Summer Beer pours yellow/straw with fair head and good lacing. Nose of citrus and light malts. Taste is wet and full of great flavor of lemon or orange, its real mouth quenching. On tap at Collins Tavern 6/13/12.

Sea Dog

Wild Blueberry Pours yellow with fair head and some lacing. Nose is just right on blueberry smell with a light malt note. Taste is almost as big on the blueberry as on the smell but not over the top. This is one of the few great blueberry ales. On tap at Collins Tavern 6/14/12.


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