After work brew 6/6/12

My stop tonight was at the Tavern Restaurant Westfield without the better half. Chris had brought to my attention that they were installing another bank of seven taps, and he said they would be rotating brews on them. That’s a total of seventeen for them and I can’t wait for that. I tried to talk him into telling John the owner of starting some kind of a beer club. Judy my favorite bartender there served me my two beverages, I picked them right the last one was more bitter than the first one but both was equally excellent.


IPA pours orange/yellow with good head and great lacing. Nose of citrus/orange but just faint. Taste is just right on the hop mouth bite with nice after bitterness and citrus notes. 7.0% 6/6/12. At Tavern restaurant Westfield.


IPA pours amber with great head that stays afloat and thick sticky lacing all the way down glass. Nose of citrus with some pine/earthy notes. Taste is big on hop mouth bite that just blast away for awhile. 6.9% tap at Tavern Restaurant 6/6/12.

IMAG1386Mayflower IPAIMAG1388

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