After work brew 5/30/12

Minus the badassbeerwife tonight, the night went very well at Smith’s Billiards. She did not think that our last trip there that Thai our bartender showed her the attention that she should have had! The crowd was somewhat on the light side but hay shit happens. I did have a nice conversation there and found out Thai had a very good memorial day with plenty of folks at his house with games and warm water in his pool. Now on to the brews, with many choices I decided on a Sixpoint harbinger and followed with Boulder Nitro Flashback and it was the right order of my choices, for both complemented one another being Belgian of sorts.


Harbinger pours an off yellow with great head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of citrus mainly orange/lemon along with some spice and yeast notes. Taste of Belgian yeast that has some spice yet dry mouth along with a pungent after bite. Very good 4.9% 5/30/12 On Tap at Smith’s Billiards.


Nitro Flashback Ale pours creamy at the start probably from the nitrous, than settles down to a see thru brown with a great head that stays and very thick sticky lacing. Nose of dark roasted malts with an earthy note. Taste is smooth and semisweet but rich of malts like brown ale on the verge of being a stout along with a nice mouth bite that gets stronger as it warms. Very good and Badass! 6.8% 5/31/12 on tap at Smith’s Billiards.


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