Memorial Brew Weekend

Well it didn’t turn out as planned didn’t make it to New York to open up my brothers camp. And with a little disappointment on Friday not finding anybody at Westfield River brewing so we couldn’t fill a couple growlers, we headed on to the camper for our long weekend. Enjoying what was left of Friday I got into my mix twelve of Sam Adams IPA’s and tried Third Voyage, Latitude 48 IPA, and Grumpy Monk. Wandering Star in Pittsfield has been filling growlers and having tastings on Saturday’s noon till 3pm almost every week. We always have a nice visit with Chris the Brewer and his wife Shannon. We got seven growlers filled for the long weekend “See tasting note below” for which we got. On the ride home Monday we decided to go to the Opa Opa Steakhouse and Brewery for dinner where we got hooked up with Courtney our wait staff that likes and talks about beer just as much as we do. I enjoyed what she called Belgian Dark IPA which I think I’ve had before but called just Belgian IPA? We did have a nice conversation with her about her beer travels along with ours.

Sam Adams

Third Voyage pours light brown with good had that settles to a film and good lacing. Nose of citrus and straw/hay/grass I guess all of which equal earthy notes. Taste is rich and robust with a pungent mouth bite that lasts for awhile and a malt back bone along with an alcohol note. Very friggin good Badassbeer 12oz bottle 8.0% 5/25/12 from their IPA twelve pack mix.

Latitude 48 IPA pours red/brown with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of grapefruit and pine/earthy notes. Taste is semisweet malty with a dry sharp pungent hop mouth which is quite different but good but gets smoother when warm. 12oz bottle 6.0% 5/25/12 from their IPA twelve pack mix.

Grumpy Monk pours red/amber with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is all Belgian with the spice yeast note and some citrus in there. Taste is spicy with some orange notes and nice top of tongue and back of throat hop Bitter bite. Very good! 12oz bottle 5.7% 5/25/12 from their IPA twelve pack mix.

Wandering Star

Thunderbolt IPA Pours amber/golden with good head and some sticky lacing. Nose of grapefruit and piney earth notes. Taste is mostly malty with a gentle bitter mouth that’s not over barring, with a nice bitter after mouth. Very good this is next batch different from first I tried. My growler from Chris 5/26/12.

USSR Ultimate Summer Session Rye Pours red/brown with good and sliding lacing. Nose is light of malt and a yeast note. Taste of medium mild malt with a pleasant but not over bearing on the rye, it’s almost like brown ale with a little hint of a porter. My growler from Chris 5/27/12.

Zingari Wit pours little hazy yellow with good head and fare lacing. Nose is somewhat Belgium citrus along with some spice in there. Taste is on the sweet side with a wet mouth. Very good! My growler from Chris 5/27/12.

Opa Opa

Belgian Dark IPA pours bark Brown with good head and loads of lacing. Nose is all Belgian with citrus notes from the hops. Taste is very dry but wet, with a Belgian aspect and hoppy bite along with bitter mouth, with notes of a porter. Very good! 5/28/12.

IMAG1349IMAG1350Thunderbolt IPA

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