After work brew 5/23/12

The badassbeerwife and I had a changeup tonight seeing that I’ve got a four day weekend off with the holiday coming up. We headed local to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield to see Chris and Judy. It had been a while since we stopped there and it was nice to see the both of them, they seemed to be in the summer swing of things. I chose the Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA and the wife went with the Blue Moon. In seeing they wanted to close little early we’d split a Westfield River Black Squirrel Pale. We did talked about our plans for the upcoming four-day weekend and then beat feet for home for a nightcap Which was a Sam Adams Tasman Red from their mixed 12 pack of IPAs, that I had purchased recently and was the first one out of the 12. That turned out to be excellent but the Avery still stood out over the night. We’re planning on camping along with opening up my older brother’s camp that I donated my stem cells to, up in Au Sable Forks NY. I have a fishing licenses and Old Saratoga Brewing is on the way up along with Lake Placid Brewing real close by. So keep an eye out on my tweets for quick updates or I will be writing about this after the weekend’s over!

Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA pours hazy dark amber with great towering head that stays along with loads of sticky lacing. Nose is light of citrus with an oak note. Taste is all hops with a real big mouth blast and a tart or pungent after along with a fruit note. Most excellent 10.2% 5/24/12 at Tavern Restaurant Westfield.

Westfield River Brewing Black Squirrel Pale Pours clear yellow with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of malts and an earthy Hop note. Taste is dry but wet with malt flavor and a nice gentle hop mouth. Very good for a pale ale! 5/24/12 at Tavern Restaurant Westfield

Sam Adams Tasman Red pours a dark ruby red with fare head and good lacing. Nose is sweet of rich malts and a big toffee note. Taste is dry and semisweet of rich malts with a nice hop bite to the mouth, with robust after mouth. Very good and somewhat a Badassbeer in its class. 12oz bottle 6.5% 5/24/12 from their IPA twelve pack mix.


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