After work brew 5/16/12

My restart on my after work brew stop after my stem cell donation, was at the Smith billiards along with the badassbeerwife. We found everyone there in fine spirits along with our favorite bartender Thai. They were almost ready to finalize the brewery and beer list for the Worthy street beer Fest that’s coming up On June 23? The badassbeerwife had found her Allagash White still pouring and I found one Wormtown an IPA that melted the work day away just great and then a second from Southern Tier a chocolate stout that was even more excellent. Hears to my brother and hope that my stem cells are starting to kick in and let the brews flow!

For more on Worthy St Craft Beer Showcase


Be Hoppy IPA pours a hazy yellow with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of grapefruit and maybe some piney notes. Taste is earthy along with some citrus with big hop bite all over mouth. Very friggin good 6.5% on tap at Smith’s Billiards 5/16/12.

Southern Tier

Mokah pours black with big head that goes to a skim that floats down glass and sliding lacing. Nose is like you were in chocolate cherry factory! Taste is big on chocolate with a bite I think from alcohol? A Badassbeer at 10.9% on tap at Smith’s Billiards 5/16/12.


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