After Stem cell Brew

After a phone call from Dana Farber at 6:30 pm Monday my birthday, that one day of collection was enough this time around, “meaning I can drink now” we headed off to Cambridge Brewing Co to see what was pouring? I enjoyed a Pale w/ palisade on cask and Rye and Punishment "rye malt IPA". Went back to our suite at the Hampton Inn for the last night, next day after checking out we visited my brother Harold he was relaxing and waiting on my 3.97 million stem cell collection to be ready and administered. I started getting hungry and antsy so we said good bye and good luck along with my words of wisdom that as soon as he can start drinking good beer and have more sex do it! “I think his wife had a big smile”? And off we went for our lunch and good brews at Cambridge Commons on our ride back home. This would be our first time there, and I found out about the place from some people I’ve met at Smith’s Billiards, and it has 31 taps. The Cambridge Commons turned out to be fabulous, with roomy seating and large squared horse shoe bar along with patio seating in good weather. There are 15 rotating taps and 16 with their standards “not mass produced”. I started with a sampler of four, Lagunitas Dogtown pale ale vary good for pale ale. Troegs Java Head Stout this one was great you can taste the oatmeal and espresso. A BBC Jack Daniels saint of Circumstance this shit is fantastic like jacks in the beer, smooth with a smoked smell and taste. Cape Ann Fisherman’s Dead Eye Double IPA it is smooth with a nice mouth sting. After lunch I choose a tall Opa Opa IPA cask, I know it’s in my back yard just about but its cask! Poured reddish amber with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is grassy or barn yard like. Taste is smooth and wet with somewhat sweet hop mouth bite on the gentle side, a Badassbeer for sure as most of the ones I’ve had in the past 24 hours!


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