After work brew 4-19-12,

My after work stop was alone tonight the Badassbeerwife was not up to it. Well checking their Face book entries they had a couple of beverages that I really wanted to try, so I headed to Smith’s Billiards. It was a somewhat quiet late evening even though it was nice to see Thai one of my favorite bartenders. I enjoyed my couple of brews Which where both excellent, and at the same time I purchased my Worthy craft beer showcase tickets for their upcoming event on June 23rd, for the better half and myself. Well the tickets I received where number one and two, does that mean first come first served? I will have to let you know when that day comes!

Go here for the brew fest!

Maine Beer Co MO pours a hazy yellow with good head and good lacing. Nose of citrus with a little piney note in there. Taste is resiney and pungent with a slight mouth sting bite. 6% 16oz pint glass at Smith’s Billiards 4/19/12

Pretty Thing Fluffy White Rabbits pours hazy light yellow with good head and sticky lacing. Nose is Belgium at first sniff with then a spicy and maybe melon note? Taste is big with yeast and fruit and nice mouth bite that rounds it all off along with an alcohol presence. 8.5% 16oz point glass at Smith’s Billiards 4/19/12.


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