Date weekend

Sorry for being late but it was a gorgeous weekend with too many things to do outside and around the house. Let me start off that this was the first week of our reduced hours at my place of employment, so Friday the Badassbeerwife and I went for lunch at Opa Opa For their 5.99 lunch special. I had one of my favorites there but then there was one tap that beckoned for me a Doppel Bock. This one was so terrific that I was just at a loss for words and I’m still having problems, but it’s a Badassbeer for sure! Our Saturday night’s stop was what the wife called our date night at the Tavern restaurant with a couple of brews I had before but the band they had was excellent called Just Yesterday. We had a great time there and also had a nice walk home.

Opa Opa Doppelbock pours hazy brown with good head and lacing that slides down the glass. Nose of dark malt with somewhat of a floral note to it. Taste is a combination of brown ale and Barleywine with a little mouth sting from alcohol I think? On Tap at brewery 4/13/12.

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale pours dark Burgundy with good head that dissipates quickly to a thin haze but plenty of sticky lacing. Nose of malt and some floral/citrus notes in there. Taste is somewhat malty sweet but real big on hop mouth bite. 7.2% Tavern Restaurant 4/14/12.

Bear Republic Racer 5 pours golden amber with big fluffy head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is of grapefruit with some floral notes. Taste is big on hops with good mouth bite and lots of linger I mean it even starts coming out the nose! 7.0% Tavern Restaurant 4/14/12.


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