After work brew 4-13-12

This week may be the start of something new; I’m going to make my after work Brew stop Thursday. My place of employment has informed us that they are cutting everyone’s hours down to 32 that mean’s I have Fridays off now. Seeing I haven’t been to Smith’s Billiards in a couple of weeks and they have been running and IPA special on taps we went to check that out. Alexis is our bartender on Thursday along with Adam as a helper, and I found out that the Dales Deviant that I really wanted had run out, but I found Dogfish and Smuttynose to be my choices tonight. I got up to speed conversation with the Badassbeerwife for the week. By the time we got to leave I had heard a couple of people say good bye to others and I made a comment and then one guy headed toward us and I thought I was going to have to remember how to dirty fight, but he come and shook my hand and we had a short conversation about the couple of guys that left. That’s why I love this place it keeps you wondering and on your toes but ends up always friendly. Upon our departure we found police cars all over, maybe because Springfield just started a new entertainment curfew at 1 am?


Burton Baton pours golden with great head that lasts and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is earthy along with the smell of oak from the barrels. Taste is quite mouth biting from hops and alcohol I hope along with and old style ale flavor. Very good! 10% 10oz tulip glass Smith’s Billiards 4/13/12.


S’Muttonator Pours dark red/amber with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is somewhat sweet of caramel and dark malt. Taste is big on dark malt with some licorice and lots of alcohol in there. Very good! 9.5% 14oz tulip glass Smith’s Billiards 4/13/12.


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