Birthdays and Easter Brews

My sister’s birthday was on Saturday and Easter on Sunday like usual but not seeing her and my brother-in-law the little bastard Uncle Gary in about six months off we went. On our trip down we stopped at Horseheads brewing to see Brenda the wife of the brewer, when she saw us she had a big smile on her face and even though after telling us that she had fallen down the basement stairs awhile back and broke a bone in her lower back, but everything was fine now. Knowing Uncle Gary likes a fine brew just as much as I do; I brought a few growlers for refilling. We had the dollar tasting of their 8-taps and left with 5-growlers which were IPA, Orion, Maple Amber, Hot-Jala-Hiem, Pale Expedition. That evening at my sisters we enjoyed lasagna and a growler nor two, and talked the rest of the evening. Now on Saturday we went to the Indian reservation for some cigarettes at Discount prices. Then in the Rochester area we visited a place called Beers of the World, which had taps in the wall for growler fills, which was cool to see that in a store. That night we meet up with my sister’s youngest son Albert and his girl Courtney at the Outback restaurant where I found Yuengling pouring there. Sunday before our trip back we enjoyed a spiral ham and a couple of pints from the growlers. With all said I did return with a growler of Horseheads IPA to enjoy during this week or next?

Horseheads Brewing

Beers of the World


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