After work brew 4/5/12

We headed down to Tavern Restaurant Westfield just for one this night seeing I have Friday off and we’re planning on a New York trip. I also wanted to know what happened to Chris if you guys are following from a couple weeks back with stitches and such. It turned out that he cut himself they’re not on duty but cutting some cheese for cheese and crackers. So somebody’s feeding me some bull and I’m not sure if it’s John the owner or Chris I’ll get to the bottom of it one of these days. I found High and Mighty Beer of the Gods pouring there and not having it before I tried it tonight. It was a little on the light side but it was also excellent. After that we headed home for something new to try which was a Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine and this was also most excellent, along with my left over dinner plate that the badassbeerwife saved for me. I had a nice conversation with her about our upcoming trip to see my sister and her little bastard husband Uncle Gary.

High and mighty

Beer of the Gods pours hazy yellow with good head and sticky lacing. Nose of citrus and pale malts. Taste is somewhat smooth and dry with some citrus to it along with nice little bite. 4.5% pint glass Tavern Restaurant 4/4/12.

Uinta Brewing

Anniversary Barley Wine Ale pours dark ruby red with good head and good sticky lacing. Nose of dark rich malt and alcohol. Taste is stinging of hop and alcohol bite with a somewhat of a heavy mouth. This is one Badassbeer that goes down smooth but should be sipped! 10.4% from 12oz poured in tulip glass 4/5/12.


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