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April 2012
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Dear Badassbeers,

Recently, David Yarrington, Smuttynose’s Director of Brewing Operations had a new beer go on tap. This isn’t particularly unusual, except that the beer, called ‘Murrikan Mild, was brewed at Wadworth Brewery (Devizes, Wiltshire, UK) and went on tap exclusively at the 850 JD Wetherspoon’s pubs around the UK. Smuttynose was one of five international guest breweries to collaborate with a British brewery to create a one-off beer for Wetherspoon’s annual Real Ale Festival.

This unique opportunity adds David and Smuttynose to a prestigious list of international brewers who have participated in this exchange, including Mitch Steele (Stone, San Diego), Kjetl Jikiun (Nogne O, Norway), John Mallett (Bell’s, Michigan) and Luke Nicholas (Epic Brewing, New Zealand) to name a few.

The concept of ‘Murrikan Mild was simple and fundamentally American. Take a style from an old world brewing tradition (in this case, British mild ale) and "Americanize" it by incorporating some non-traditional ingredients and techniques. David’s beer was light goldcolored and used malt from Belgium and Britain, hops from Germany and Wadworth’s house yeast. An addition of bitter and sweet orange peels accentuated the copious late hop additions and fermenter dry-hopping, which was a new technique for Wadworth.

For David, the best part of the trip was brewing on a 130 year-old brewhouse that includes the largest open kettle in the UK. A travel-log video is being edited together and should be on Smuttynose TV in a few weeks, but there are a few photos from the trip at the end of this newsletter. The second best part was the impressive hospitality that was shown by the entire Wadworth staff, particularly Brewmaster Brian Yorston. We certainly look forward to returning it someday!

As a company, Smuttynose is very proud to represent both New Hampshire and the United States all over the UK. Wetherspoon’s and Ian Jeffrey gave us an excellent opportunity and we hope it won’t be the last time our seal mascot graces pump clips and draft towers around the UK.

In the meantime, watch out for mud, don’t forget your sunscreen and make sure you’ve got plenty of craft beer stocked up for grilling season!


Minister of Propaganda

Smuttynose Tours are Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 11am and 1pm. Our tour lasts about an hour and a complimentary tasting is included. Please call ahead (603-426-4026) for groups of 8 or more.

Portsmouth Brewery Tours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. Visitors will receive a coupon for a half-priced sampler paddle.

Now, for some housekeeping. We don’t want to clutter up anyone’s inboxes, so we cull our mailing list from time to time. If you don’t wish to receive this newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link at the top of this page. (Not clicking "confirm" doesn’t automatically unsubscribe you.)

Portsmouth Brewery News

Notes From The Mash Tun

Tod Mott in the Mash Tun

Tod, Brian and Matt have an exciting new collaboration brew to share with you. Osiris is another project we’re doing with

Horst Dornbusch, with whom we’ve previously brewed Faust Pils and J.O.S.S. An Egyptian-influenced ale, Osiris was brewed with barley malt, spelt, wheat, honey and Medjool dates and is a near session strength coming in right around 5% abv. Initial reports from the basement imply a taste "unlike anything you’ve ever had before." Horst will also be publishing an article about the experience for publication.

Tod and Horst presented Osiris at Horst’s lecture on ancient beer brewing and its role in the culture of ancient Egypt at Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art on Tuesday, April 3.

Tod reports that Matt Tarpey, his new assistant is pretty much caught up to speed and doing well.
In addition to the archaeological beer mentioned above, you can look forward to the return of Retro Pale Ale, another batch of Tod’s
Imperial IPA, the balanced deliciousness of our

Altbier and a Weizenbock krausened with New Hampshire Maple Syrup.

Kate the Great Aftermath

2012 Kate scratch ticket

2012’s Kate the Great Day was fantastic thanks to both our staff and the attendees. Here are just a few notable bullet points from the day.

The line reached new lengths despite a later beginning than in year’s past. By the time we opened at 11, the line was about 500 people long Ron Johnson (of San Francisco) and his friend Dave Hering (of Boston) took the first two lines places at 2:45am. They immediately set-up a few tiny video cameras and began recording their experience for their blog 3Guysandabeer.

We sold 2780 glasses of Kate between the 11:30am tapping and the final pour sometime around 6:15pm.

We had a large media turnout including representatives from The Boston Globe, The Weekly Dig, The Boston Herald, and The Portsmouth Herald, while Brian Aldrich’s Seacoast Beverage Lab published updates all day long and hosted our webcam, which was set-up by SebecTec.

Our guests were in great spirits despite their long, cold waits and no one overstayed their welcome. We’re happy to say that, by the end of the day, nearly everyone who had been in line was able to get a glass of Kate.

We were also joined by representatives from the five non-profit organizations who received the proceeds of this year’s ticket sales. We’d like to give a special tip of our hat to the South East Land Trust of New Hampshire, 3S Artspace, Sexual Assault Support Services, The Center for Wildlife and Great Works Land Trust. Look for videos about each of these organizations over the coming months on Portsmouth Brewery TV.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and interest in Kate. With all the planning and to-do lists that surround this day, things can get a little stressful, but once the brewery filled with your energy and excitement, we are reminded why it’s all worth it.

The Not-So-New New Guy

We’re pleased to belatedly welcome Matt Tarpey to our brew team. Matt joins Tod and Brian from O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA. Matt was born in Rhode Island and lived there until he moved to Virginia at age 12. While in Virginia, Matt was a vocalist in metal bands that toured the US and Canada. He’s also released records on three big metal labels. On the beer side, Matt loves big beers and "anything from a barrel, especially sours." He lives in Dover and drives a VW Golf.

Trivia: Matt’s old brewery was 2.5 miles from Portsmouth, VA, which also has a US Naval Shipyard. O’Connor’s Brewmaster is Chris O’Connor, longtime brewer at sister brewpub, The Northampton Brewery in Massachusetts.

Chef Todd Speaks!

Chef Todd Sweet

Head Chef Todd Sweet has a few notes from the kitchen for you.

On the locavore front, Gulf of Maine-origin seafood is starting to gain momentum with our diners. We’ve brought in a few varieties of white fish, including flounder and pollock, which have been very successful. A few experiments with some less-commonly eaten and under-utilized species, like mackerel are producing mixed results. But like the wiseman once said, "one man’s bait is another man’s delicacy."

We’ve also committed to working with a few local farms through the spring and summer. Meadows Mirth Farm (Stratham, NH), Two Toad Farm (Lebanon, ME) and The Kitchen Gardener (Newington, NH) are all on board to provide fresh, locally grown produce for our dining rooms. We’ve already been featuring pork from Breezy Hill Farm and cheese from The Sandwich Creamery and Hickory Nut Farm.

Chef Sweet has also been named one of New Hampshire Restaurant Week‘s Celebrity Chefs! The honor will see Chef giving cooking demonstrations, appearing on TV and radio, while keeping things running at the Brewery. We’re very excited for his turn in the spotlight.

Finally, we’ll be offering a rotating selection of chocolate barks for those of you that might a small sweet after a meal instead of a full dessert. A recent study has shown that frequent chocolate consumption can help you stay slim. Please ask your server for the daily offering.

New Loos!

Under Construction

We’ll be renovating the restrooms in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge during the month of April and are we excited about the upgrades!
The design work and implementation will be done by Aaron Linn, of Small Barn Woodworks in York Beach, Maine. If you’ve visited us before, you’ve seen Aaron’s skills in copper, brewery tank-inspired restrooms in our main dining room. The new LaPanza facilities will have the same look and feel as the ones upstairs.

Snack Attack!

Our new bar snack menu is just about ready to roll! While we can’t reveal the entirety of it yet, you can expect to see homemade Black and Blue Potato Chips and Brewery Arancini.

Small Plates

-Retail Kingpin Liz Barrett says we’re getting to the end of our 20th Anniversary glasses and wearables. If you’ve broken a glass or stained the only t-shirt you’ve ever owned with a fermenter made from words, your window to replace them is closing. Hoodies are also on sale to make room for warm weather gear, which we hope will accompany actual warm weather.

Speaking of warm weather, we’ll be opening our patio on May 1, unless Mother Nature really wants us to wait.

-We’ll be hosting another blood drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross on May 11. The turn-out for the last drive was literally over-whelming, but we’re glad we can help collect some much-needed pints. If you haven’t donated blood before, please consider doing so; it doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll be making a world of difference for someone else.

-We’re continuing to announce our Sunday Special beer tappings over our Facebook page. That’s not the only thing we do there, but if you’re on the social network and haven’t liked our page, you might do so. We hope you’ll share any pictures, comments or ideas with us.

-Head Brewer Tod Mott, Executive Chef Todd Sweet and Managers Ben Bilodeau and Anthony Cormier will be representing Portsmouth Brewery at 2012’s Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego during the first week of May.

Chef Todd Sweet’s Fresh-Faced, Low-Cost, High-Reward Food Specials

We made some changes to our Weekly Specials menu, so please read carefully!

New on Sundays:

A pair of homemade Pierogies, filled with potato and cheese and topped with butter and onions for just $1, only in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge

New on Mondays:

Half-A-Buck Ribs, your choice of pork or tempeh, for just 50 cents! The pork ribs are slow-cooked and tossed in your choice of BBQ sauce or a msutard glaze, while the cider-braised tempeh digits can be topped with BBQ sauce or hot ale sauce after a quick crisp in the fryer. The ribs are available exclusively in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge

Double Hoppy Card Points all day long!


One Dollar Taco Night – Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or vegetarian for a buck a piece. Exclusive to the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge

Community Pint Night – Donate 25 cents from each pint to the non-profit of your choice by putting a token in our Community Pint Box.


One Dollar Meatball Sliders, downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge


$2 Hot Dogs – We offer tofu pups and hot dogs, with toasted, buttered buns and a range of toppings including celery salt, cheese, chili, sauerkraut, onions and relish.

Parking Violation Night – if you bring in your parking ticket and its payment to the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, we’ll mail it for you and give you a pint.

Smuttynose News

Line-up Changes

The entire Smuttynose team is excited to announce the first bottled release of Vunderbar Pils (aka Short Batch #11), the first installment in our new rotational four pack series!
Vunderbar has been a draft-only release four times as prior to this official roll-out. Most Short Batch beers aren’t exactly to style, but Vunderbar certainly is. A classic pilsner, Vunderbar is made from German malt and imported Saaz hops. It starts at just 11° Plato, which will yield an alcohol content between 4.5% and 5% by volume. Even though 15 IBU isn’t a lot, copious dry-hopping will satisfy even the most refined hop-heads. Light, refreshing and crisp, Vunderbar is everything a lager beer should be!
Due to tank space, we can only brew 100 barrels of each four pack beer a month. Initially, distribution will be limited to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York City and Washington DC. Vunderbar season runs through August.
Smuttynose devotees may also be familiar with the other two rotational four pack releases. Big A IPA is taking on a less-permanent role in our line-up, being available from September through December. It’ll be followed by our Black IPA, "Noonan," which was initially released as

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger
Early 2012 Expansion
A number of new equipment upgrades have recently come on line at Smuttynose.

The most visually striking change is pictured above. A new expansion that pushed into our warehouse is mostly complete. The three 200-barrel fermenters and one 200 barrel brite tank are online and filled with beer. The only portion of the project that’s left is the arrival of one more 200 barrel fermenter that will sit just to the right of the brite tank that’s on the right edge of the picture.

In addition to the new capacity, our team is also using some upgraded conveyors on the bottling line, another cold water booster pump, a second kegging machine, and new bottle cap conveyor system that will allow our filler operator to do his job more safely.

New Beers

Brett and ROBD

These are our two newest Smuttynose releases, Really Old Brown Dog and Brett & I.
Really Old Brown Dog
is our tribute Olive, Smuttynose’s dearly-departed ball-chaser, squirrel-wrangler and loyal companion of Peter Egelston, our Founder and President. "ROBD" is our take on an old ale; strong, malty and oak-aged. ROBD is a great sipper for the cool nights of the end of winter. In the kitchen, it’ll match well with roasted root vegetables, blue cheeses or lamb and venison. You can find it anywhere our Big Beers are sold or
Our gold medal-winning Wheat Wine Ale is aging on oak for a May release in the Big Beer Series. Why not get a personalized case by signing up for a Big Beer Series Subscription?

Really Old Brown Dog Stat Box

10.1% abv

20 IBU

Starting Extract: 20.5° Plato

Finishing Extract: 2.5° Plato

Malts; North American 2-Row, Crisp Pale Ale, Aromatic, Carared, C-15, Carafa II DH

Hops: Sterling

Mojo: Port-soaked French Oak Chips

Yeast: White Labs WLP-001 California Ale

Production size: 200 barrels (6200 gallons)

Brett & I (5.9% abv) is our first bottled release from the Short Batch Series. When you pop the cork and take your first sip, you’ll notice a clean sour note and tang that’s quickly followed by an earthy note and then a clean finish. It’s one of the more unique tasting experiences I’ve had with a beer. This unique flavor comes from a multi-step process that includes a fermentation with two yeast strains (WLP-500 Trappist Yeast and WLP-650 Brettanomyces Bruxellensis), a kettle-souring with lactobacillus and 10 months of aging in neutral oak barrels. Brett & I bottles can only be purchased at Smuttynose, either during our tours or between 9-5 business hours, Monday-Friday. Bottles are $15 each.

Summer Weizen Bottle

Summer Weizen (5.4% abv), our chamomile-infused wheat ale is now available in six packs, twelve packs and kegs throughout our distribution area. Unlike many wheat beers, we don’t use German yeast, oranges or coriander, which means Summer Weizen showcases a soft, bready malt character that’s brightened up by delicate, floral notes from whole chamomile flowers that are added in the brewhouse.

Working on the Farm

Towle Farm Update - Spring, 2012
Peter’s Towle Farm Update – Spring, 2012

Whether on tours, at beer festivals and tastings or even shopping in the grocery store, everyone is asking for about our new brewery at Towle Farm in Hampton, NH.

We know it’s been a long time coming, but we have done some prep work on the site of our new home on Towle Farm. We’ll be able to hit the ground running once the final pieces of financing are sorted out.
Through the magic of video, Smuttynose Founder and President Peter Egeston is happy to explain the work we’ve done so far. For many of you, these are probably the first visuals you’ve seen of our new home. We look forward to sharing more Towle Farm news with you in the near future.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Tours!

Tour Entrance at Smutty

One item that might of particular interest to late risers and farmers market shoppers: we’ve added a second Saturday brewery tour at 1pm. If you’ve had a late Friday night on the Robust Porter or your hedges need some extra-trimming, you’ll still be able to stop in for a look around.

Even though we can’t offer tours during the week, you’re more than welcome to stop by for a fresh 6 pack or vintage Big Beer bottle during regular 9-5 business hours, as well as during our tours. Just drive around to the back of our building and enter through our tour entrance (see above). It may take a second, but someone will be over to help you.

Smutty Staff Updates

Our team has grown to 39 people since the last newsletter.
Stacy Dennis
When you call our brewery, you’ll now be greeted by the voice of
Stacy Dennis (above), our new Office Assistant.
Mean while, growing tour attendances have also meant a growing tour staff. Ben Groves is now leading tours of Smuttynose, doubling our staff of brewery hosts to two.

The Dance Card

This is the section of the newsletter when we tell you about a few of the many events our Field Sales Managers have taking place around their area. Smuttynose fans in the Mid-Atlantic and North Carolina will notice more happenings thanks to some new territorial augmentations.

Pat Fondiller,
Smuttynose NYC Chapter President will be spreading the word in New Jersey and Philadelphia in addition to his duties in the Five Boroughs. Glen Bulloss has hit the ground running with events in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and North Carolina. For more information and a complete listing of Smuttynose events, please visit our
Joe Grotto will be attending the third annual Beer and Bacon Festival
in Boston on April 28.
Once again, Pat Fondiller is joining with his buddies from Victory Brewing, Ballast Point and Lagunitas on The East Coast/West Coast Metal Tour, a series of bar events that take place in New York City, and the surrounding area. The Manhattan event takes place on April 6 at Rattle N Hum, with other editions taking place at Barcade (Jersey City, NJ) on April 12, Bobbique (Patchogue, Long Island) on April 19. The Tour concludes on April 27 with live metal bands at The Gutter in Brooklyn.
Jessica Robertson is setting up at Moe’s Tavern (Lee, Massachusetts) for a pint night complete with prize give-aways on April 12.
Baltimore will be hosting a Vunderbar release when Glen Bulloss rolls into Mahaffey’s Pub with our new pilsner, as well as a vintage Barleywine for contrast. The shindig starts at 5pm on April 24.
Last but not least, Bill Harris will be working along side our friend Graham Hamblette, winemaker and distiller at Flag Hill in Lee, NH. Their event, which takes place at Wentworth-By-The-Sea (New Castle, NH) is a wild game dinner with beer and cocktail pairings for each course. Reservations must be made with the Wentworth.
We hope to see you all out and about, especially as the weather warms.

Images from The UK

Wadworth Brewery #2
The Wadworth Brewery where ‘Murrikan Mild came to life

Wadworth Brewmaster Brian Yorston and Dave check out the mash in their hi-visibility best
Open kettle at Wadworth
That’s the largest open brew kettle in the UK!
‘Murrikan Mild was fermented in open, stainless steel squares like this.

Sunday Roast
Wadworth owns 240 pubs in a 90 mile radius of their brewery. We had Sunday roast at The Waggon and Horses within 20 minutes of being picked up at the train station and visited at least ten more.
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We’re very proud of our Robust Porter. Other folks are starting to take notice as well…

One More From the Garden of Porcine Delights

In honor of the upcoming Beer and Bacon festival, here are step-by-step instructions for making bacon taco shells.


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