After work brew 3/29/12

The Badassbeerwife was feeling a bit better so she accompanied me to our fast becoming favorite stop Smith’s Billiards to see what was pouring. Our man Thai was bartending down stairs at Theodora’s so Adam was our guy tonight. Jim a manager there came over to fill us in on a stout night set for Friday, I told him about second shift work and getting there about midnight, he said all should still be pouring with the exception of Lost Abbey Deliverance it was only 1/6 keg. More can be found on that here Now on to the brews we had. The wife enjoyed her Allagash White while I enjoyed Wake up Dead and Oak Aged Mocha Stout this one I had before and I should have had them in reverse order, because the Oak Aged Mocha Stout was a little on the gentle side compared to the Wake up Dead!

Left Hand Wake up Dead pours black with gentle head that floats going down glass with lots of sticky lacing. Nose of chocolate with coffee and fruit notes. Taste is big on everything from rich dark malt to chocolate along with a nice roastyness flavor. This is a badassbeer kicking all the way! 10.2% 14oz tulip glass at Smith’s Billiards 3/29/12.

Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout pours black good head and Hugh sliding lacing. Nose of bacon cooking on the stove or fresh varnish floors or vanilla and alcohol "or all the above". Taste is dry but wet and on the Irish side you can tell the mocha with some vanilla in there. I would put this one onto the something different Badassbeer Category but very good! 8.4% pint glass at Smith’s Billiards 3/29/12.



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