One for the weekend

Saturday evening; With the Badassbeerwife being sick going out to eat was not in my plans, but I did want to have a couple of good brews out somewhere. At the last minute I thought of my beer club buddy, but he was going to a birthday party for his uncle. Seeing Smith’s Billiards had just tapped a few new Brews I had decided to go on my own. When I went to kiss and tell the wife she had decided that she would try, maybe it would make her feel better, so off we went. Even though it was three I wanted to try, I knew I had to keep it to two for a while so I could drive home. The Allagash White was once again pouring which made her feel a little bit better. For me I started with the Stone Levitation which is American ale and was on the gentle side of their Arrogant Bastard. Next would be Avery Collaboration not Litigation its Belgian strong dark ale and strong is what it was. The Smuttynose really old brown dog ale will have to wait till my next visit!

Stone Levitation pours red/brown in color with good head and good lacing. It has a hop and malt nose to it. Taste is somewhat wet malty with subtle hop mouth blast. 4.4% Smith’s Billiards 3/24/12

Avery Collaboration not Litigation batch #5 pours honey in color with fair head that stays afloat and great lacing. Nose of nuts, raisins or dates and caramel? Taste is big and strong of deep rich malts and alcohol. 8.6% Smith’s Billiards 3/24/12.


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