After work brew 3/22/12

Every time I go out for a brew it becomes a story, but this time its two stories as you will see. It’s been about a month since I paid Kaptain Jimmy’s a visit. So I talked a coworker Mike into going with me seeing the Badassbeerwife had a Doctor’s appointment early in the morning. Well knowing the law followed me on my first visit there I was going to keep it to just one there. Well Mike says I’ll have whatever you’re having so I ordered the buckwheat IPA and I think it’s a first time for him; he said he usually drinks standard beers. Well here’s to hoping he enjoyed it and will try more in the future. Knowing I wanted at least one more I Stopped at a fast food place to get a burger and eat it in the parking lot and what do I see pass by but the law! My next stop would be Collins Tavern for harpoon Celtic ale and I thought I’d seen somebody that looked familiar but they were out of place. Then I heard him and the bartender saying do you think he’ll stop in and something about stitches and then it dawned on me it was John the owner from the Tavern Restaurant. I asked where they talking about Chris and they said yes. This Chris is my go to guy when I stop over at the Tavern Restaurant and it seems like his girlfriend beat the crap out of him for some reason, I may find out why? But I hope not to meet this woman. Other than the good brews I enjoyed and conversations, this week’s brew stop will go down in the books.

Opa Opa Buckwheat IPA. Pours light amber color with nice head and lots of lacing. Nice hoppy bitter bite when cold. Then gets smoother when it warms. Taste of wheat malt that’s present at first, then hops kick in, with event an after bite. Nose of malt and some citrus in there. Very enjoyable! Better than most average IPA’s. tap at Kaptain Jimmy’s

Harpoon Celtic Ale pours red/Copper with fair head and lacing that follows down glass. Nose is somewhat sweet of malt with floral notes. Taste is Irish in flavor with a little hop back bone. Tap at Collins Tavern.


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