Warm Brew weekend

As I said in my last post Smith Billiards was tapping Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 100 IBU on Friday this was collaboration from their beer camp. So as not to miss out I paid them a visit after work and enjoyed one along with a Maine Brewing Co Mean Old Tom which was a first time for me with this brewery. And it was great seeing Thai and Jim behind the bar at the same time. Next would be Westwood Pub not far from home on Saturday night when the Badassbeerwife and I strolled down for some night cap. And found Sierra Nevada ruthless Rye IPA and Berkshire Brewing Company Maibock pouring there. Our bartender was Heather who also works at another of our favorite places Four Main Street, it was nice seeing her. Finally on Sunday we went up to Amherst Brewing for some late lunch and something I had to try, their Gone Postal IPA, it sold out in twelve days the last time they brewed it. Then I went on to Sierra Nevada celebration ale one of the many guest brews they also have on tap. We had started out side on their deck, but it was getting a little warm for me. The Badassbeerwife and I then split a Founders Double Trouble IPA inside at the bar. with the great meal we had for lunch, along with the extra attention from the wait staff Maria and Chris at ABC this would be the place that stood out this weekend along with the Gone Postal.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum pours a golden honey with great head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of citrus/grapefruit with some piney notes. Taste is a water fall of hop mouth bite at 100 IBU it should! It covers everything with nice bitterness along with a hint of alcohol from the 10.4%. Smith’s Billiards 3/16/12

Maine Brewing Mean Old Tom pours Black with fair head and following down glass lacing. Nose is vanilla and chocolate with deep dark rich malt/coffee notes. Taste is wet and smooth with a rich cocoa quality with a vanilla note when I burped. 6.8% tulip glass at Smith’s Billiards 3\16/12.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA pours brown with nice head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of rye malts and citrus hops with maybe a spice note? Taste is mostly all hops and some rye bread in there to, but nice bite all around the mouth that lingers. 6.6% Tap at Westwood 20oz. 3/17/12

Berkshire Brewing Maibock pours a light red with fair head and fair lacing. Nose of light malts and sweet? Taste is tart and sour. 6.5% Tap at Westwood 20oz. 3/17/12

Amherst Brewing Done Postal IPA pours golden amber with good head and good lacing. Nose of citrus and pine. Taste is big and bitter on mouth and tongue along with a nice wetness. 7.5% On tap at Amherst Brewing 3/1812.

Sierra Nevada Celerbration Ale pours golden amber in color with little head but plenty of lacing on glass. Nose big hop aroma of citrus-pine and earthy notes. Taste nice smooth hoppy mouth with good back bite all around tongue that lingers on! 6.8%. On tap at Amherst Brewing 3/1812.

Founders Double Trouble IPA pours light gold with good head and sticky lacing. Nose is big on grapefruit. Taste is a gentle hop bite on top of tongue and mouth along with nice after bitterness. 9% at Amherst Brewing 12oz 3/18/12.


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