After work brew 3-15-12

After having a great time last week with Troegs at Smith billiards, they had new taps pouring some great and interesting brews. The Badassbeerwife my newest Brew bud and life companion headed back this week on my normal night out Wednesday/Thursday morning to see one of our favorite bartender Thai that we knew when he was five years old, and found a plethora of new tapped brews. There were about five or six that really opened my eyes but I had to keep it to a minimum and chose two then we split one. Well the Dogfish Head Aprihop was my starter and my second was Peak Organic Oak aged Mocha Stout. Now this one and me being a smoker the smell and sometimes tastes are different to me so My right up below shows some options and if Any of you can tell me which one it is or different please e-mail me. The one we shared was Allagash Hugh Malone to put a cap on the night. With news that they will tap a keg of Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 100 IBU on Friday I just might be back in a couple of days.

Dogfish Head Aprihop pours dark golden amber with great head that stays and good lacing. Nose of fruit/apricot with pine note. Taste is smooth with big hints of apricot with a nice little hop bite. 7.0% in pint glass Very good Smith’s Billiards 3/15/12

Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout pours black good head and Hugh sliding lacing. Nose of bacon cooking on the stove or fresh varnish floors or vanilla and alcohol “or all the above”. Taste is dry but wet and on the Irish side you can tell the mocha with some vanilla in there. 8.4% in tulip glass. I would put this one onto the something different Badassbeer Category but very good good! Smith’s Billiards 3/15/12.

Allagash Hugh Malone pours hazy yellow with big head and loads of thick lacing. Nose is all Belgian with big grapefruit aroma. Taste is big Belgian fruity with a real nice hoppy mouth. This is another Badassbeer! 7.8% served in tulip glass. Tap Smith’s Billiards 3/15/12.



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