Another two for weekend

No food this weekend just brews! We visited Northampton Brewery on Saturday night after supper at home. I enjoyed Jess’s Goodbye Rye pa and Maggie’s Wee Heavy both were great but the last one had some strength to it. On Sunday afternoon we took a stroll and stopped into the Tavern Restaurant and I had the Stone 15th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA, that was excellent and on the high strength side and then chased it with Gritty McDuffs Black Fly Stout. This is how I like to spend a warm winter afternoon with my better half a nice walk and couple of brews.

Jess Goodbye rye pa pours red/brown with short head and loads of lacing. Nose is malty and some pine notes. Taste of citrus / grapefruit with nice bitter mouth from the hops. 5.8% very good on tap at brewery 3/10/12.

Maggie’s Wee Heavy pours dark ruby red with little head and sliding lacing. Nose of fruit and malt/molasses? Taste is semisweet of dark malt and an alcohol note in there. 8.2% 3/10/12.

Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA Pours black with great head that stays and thick sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with espresso notes. Taste is big on dark malts like a stout with a hop biting mouth that stays on the roof and top of tongue. A Badassbeer 10.8% at Tavern Restaurant 3/11/12.

Gritty McDuff’s Black Fly Stout pours black with great big head that stays and loads of thick sticky lacing. Nose of dark malt with maybe a hint of hops? Taste is wet and smooth of your average porter/stout but it’s great! 4.1% at Tavern Restaurant 3/11/12.


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