After Work Brew 3/8 with Troegs

I put off my Wednesday night stop till Thursday seeing Smith’s Billiards was tapping Troegs Nugget Nectar at 8pm that night. With the big hoopla going on about Troegs Nugget Nectar I had to give it a try! The Badassbeerwife has been going with me on my night out lately and she does occupy the conversation with others while I do my brew notes. I found the Nugget Nectar along with the Scratch 55 both from Troegs Brewing to be pouring. Jim from Smith Billiards introduced us to Jason @TroegsMass who is their representative for Troegs in Massachusetts. We had a good conversation while drinking the Nugget Nectar My first sampling, and then went on to the Scratch 55. We made plans to meet up again at The Worthy St Craft Beer Showcase on June 23 and Exchange a Brew that I found in Pennsylvania with him. Both brews were excellent and made my taste buds happy or should I say hoppy?

More on Worthy St Craft Beer Showcase here

Nugget Nectar pours golden tan with fair head and lots of lacing. Nose is light with maybe a pine smell. Taste is somewhat big of hop bite but kind of smooth with nice after mouth bite. 7.5% Smith’s Billiards 3/9/12.

Scratch 55 pours golden amber with big head that stays awhile and loads of thick lacing. Nose is clean it’s hard for me to smell any thing till I taste it then its piney and hoppy. Taste is big time hoppy mouth with real nice bite and good after mouth lingering bite that’s real good. It’s a Badassbeer for sure at 8.6% at Smith’s Billiards 3/9/12.


Jim is the one in the middle above and he went to Beer Camp to make what’s below!IMAG0987IMAG0983Jason Troegs 001Jason on the right


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